This weekend R and I went on a great family outing in the morning and had ourselves a great date at night. Bright and early Saturday R and I headed over to the parents, hopped in their car, and headed to Shelly to an antique store. [one of the Shaum's favorite past-times]

What happened with the fam
At the antique store I bought a little pink glass cup made during the Depression. Yea
We found an awesome green wall and had to stop for some photos.
We then drove back to Idaho Falls & stopped at the farmers market
bought yummy fudge.
[I could really go for some more right now]
At the market we saw a timber wolf [pet] playing with a mini pincher that weighed 3 lbs. The little dog stood up on its hind legs and his entire body was as tall as the wolfs head when he was laying down!
Ate at Snake Bite, an amazing loco cafe. Easton ate his hamburger in record time.
Rode home watching Fantacy Factory on Garet's ipod

what happened on our date night
wanted to go hiking. Too cold. Went to Fast5 instead.
I didn't have high hopes, but we both loved the movie. Fake but entertaining.
Came home and made art
We each had our own canvas that connect together by a beautiful stallion
I first painted mine red and blue. It looked like the English flag. ahhh
Had to start over. Sad
The ending outcome made us happy. Now we have something to hang on our walls.

Later on we had a bonfire with some friends.
April 30th and I still had thermals, flannel. thick hoodie, hat, + gloves.
talked, laughed, burned stuff, ate smores
Great night

The next day after church R & I changed and R said we were going for a drive.
We drove and drove and drove and finally got to Mesa Falls.
Too much snow. The road to the falls was closed.
Sad times.

We then drove back a few miles and had a picnic by the river. Instead of sitting on the blanket I had it wrapped around me. Still cold.
We were sitting by this gnarly/narley tree. You all know how I love trees.
Thus we took a picture.
R has a remote for the camera, but since the tree was so big he had to walk up half way to the camera to get the camera timer to start. He would then sprint back to me for the photo. He didn't make it. I have some pretty funny photos of R running, turning, and lunging towards me. I didn't take the time to make progression photos but just try to imagine how awesome they all are.

We had 2 amazing days of relaxation and good times
Hope you all had great weekends as well


Jenaca and Stephen said...

I love reading your blog. You and Ryley are so cute and creative. Loved the art... I bet it looks great in your apt. I wish we lived close so we could do things together more often. Love ya!

Rae said...

Ha! Mitch and I ate at the Snake Bite once. There was a hair in my food. Boo.
Don't you love finding cool little antiquey things? So fun.
That green wall is cool and you look so cute, as always. I think our hair is about the same length!
Love the idea to each paint half the photo. So cool.
That tree is awesome and that photo of you two is so cute.
Boo to the cold weather. Seriously lame.

The Idaho Shaum's said...

Fun times at the antique store, market and Snakebite! I thought your pic might be on the big canvas. Love the pic!

Ashley Aikele said...

Love the pic of mom and pops.
Jealous you got snake bite.
You two make beautiful art.
The end.

Whittney and Ryan said...

ahh what a great weekend. i love your art work you little creative bugs! snake bite = favorite idaho falls restaurant so yum plus i love the names of all their dishes :)

Ashley said...

You guys are always so creative! I love it! I wish we did stuff like that more often. But I have to push myself to be creative. Lucky it just comes natural! Miss you guys! i had a dream that you were moving back........maybe it was revelation ;)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

tonight is finally my night to catch up on missed out things. i was reading along and saw timber wolf!!!!! was dying to see a pic of this cool creature but at least there was the description to help my curiosity. how cool was that? i mean, random or what!

the whole time sounded amazing - i love the colorful photos and those painting you two made!!!!! wowness, they are really rad. ♥