The RAIL jAm

I love how it's warm all week long and then the weekend hits and it's 20 degrees all day. It's awesome. Saturday was the rail jam. We went to watch Hayden and some of our friends riding in it. It was way rad, but was FREEZING! Watching makes me wish I was brave enough for rails. Why do I get scared? I mean the worst that could happen is falling off, but for some reason it freaks me out. Maybe this year.... maybe not.

Hayden rippen it up on the rail

Rocken the sweet glasses we found at DI earlier that morning. Ryley's are reading glasses that make you crazy dizzy..... so we popped the lenses out and he rocks the frames. Such a stud!

I'm so lucky!


Soccer over for the year. We made out with a pretty sweet season being undefeated until the championship game. Yes we lost. Sad times. But I swear it was rigged! It would have been good to win, bit all in all it was an amazing season playing soccer with such rad people.

Our entire team. Go Velvita!

Not quite as flexible as I used to be...

Me and my baby


The Contenders

Our flag football team was pretty sweet this year. We started off awesome and then lost our last 2 games. Honestly I wasn't too sad to lose and be out of the tournament since the last game we played it was 25 degrees with crazy wind! Go Rexburg. But I will say since married life I haven't really hung out with that many girls. It was really nice to be around some estrogen again! (I never thought I would ever say that)

So I forgot to wear my sweet Contenders shirt. They were pretty sweet thanks to Allyx.



This Halloween was pretty freaken sweet. I knew it was going to be good when our pumpkin turned out AMAZING. Things just escalated from there. Ryley and I went as Average Joe's dodgeball players. We looked great thanks to DI and Branea's old cheerleading clothes.
Dodge Duck Dip Dive Dodge!

This one's my favorite

Branea and Danny in 50 years


It's Michael Phelps

Ryley carving our design

Showing the L.O.V.E.

The master piece

not all dodge ball players are dikes