Work wOrk woRk worK

I've been job searching.


.I've traved 7 hours to find out I didn't get the job
.I've sat for 1.5 hours to have a 12 minute interview for a position 50+ are interviewing for
.The only art job I've applied for hasn't even called me back because I missed their "secret" job fair
.Last but definitely not least. I had an interview to for a bank custodial job. They asked me to explain to them why I thought I was qualified for the position. hmmmm I do have a 4 year degree and I was trusted with 200+ students and their learning, but why does that make me qualified to sweep floors and dust desks? It was super depressing and degrading. Is this really the kind of job I get blessed with in Rexburg for 4 YEARS of school.
I think I'm no very happy.....



I know I don't have all my pictures yet, (our computer is full and I can't even download them all!) but it's killing me not to post some pictures so here goes nothing...

This is Ashley Bowen. Loved her underwater camera

Ryley swimming out of a cool rock. I could never hold my breath that long

I really want one of these cameras. There were some great shots

After snorkeling we ate at Waialua Bakery which has the most amazing COOKIES I've ever tasted. And I'm not exaggerating

Ashley Flake on this amazing point overlooking Wiamea Bay

To be continued...

Back Again

It's true. I'm back in Rexburg. Crazy. We just finished our crazy weekend and are half-way moved in with no plan to complete the rest of the process tomorrow. I will say that the 75 degree weather made it a little easier to be back, but I shouldn't have gone to Hawaii because once again I miss it like CRAZY! I'm in the process of getting all our pictures downloaded and then prepare for your minds to be BLOWN!