Take a look at R's latest and greatest graphic design project.
He had to design a mailer, which means something you get in the mail.
The product, the box, the everything has to look great and have the same look/theme.
R had to design something for an ice cream party.
He made + designed a bag for home made ice cream mix.
He also made a flyer with all the info + directions to the ice cream party.
Then he stuck all the goods into an ice cream container, set it on some ice and
sealed it in a cooler that was wrapped in the beautiful logo.
Next he covered the mailing box with a transfer of his logo and sealed it up.
He sent it to his professor who is going to unwrap this beautiful surprise
to the illusion of a cold ice cream container only to find a beautiful invite to
his very own ice cream party and his own ice cream mix.
Wouldn't you just LOVE pulling this out of your mailbox?
I know I would.
So folks for all of your graphic needs you know who to contact!


Rachael and Dan said...

it looks so great! is he really going to have an ice cream party? i'm jealous of your guys' creativity!

Rae said...

Um, that is SO cute!!!!

Ashley Aikele said...

This is so cool. Way to go ry!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i have such an affinity for silhouettes and these designs are just so cute! your handsome one is surely a genius of sorts. kudos to the graphic wizardry. ♥