crazy glenda

Glenda is one sweet lady.
This weekend I had the chance to spend time with my mother and 2 sweet sisters.
We laughed, we talked, and I reflected.

My mother and I are very different.
When I was young I was probably closer with my dad. We were a lot the same.
Then my father passed. Needless to say it was very very sad and hard.
But because of the experience my mother and I became close. And this I will always be grateful for. We don't always see eye to eye. [actually probably less than half the time] We have different hobbies. But my mother has taught me how to be my best self. She has taught me how to work hard, how to not complain and how to push through and preserver through all that bad stuff in life. She has taught me how to love and to be unselfish [still working on]
Even though we are so different we are so the same.
I am grateful for you every day

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Rae said...

Oh I love that crazy Glenda! This was such a sweet post.
And I think you're probably the least selfish person I know so you can stop working on that one.