Happy Halloween

Well it's about time I post about our amazing pumpkin carving party before it's too late. But first I need to have a moment of remembrance for our last years LOVE pumpkin that probably should have won awards for being so amazing. Take a look. Isn't is perfect?

This year we went with a pineapple grenade theme. It looked pretty sweet as well. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy...

This is how it goes. R guts. I draw and start the carving. R quickly takes over and makes our masterpiece. I cook the seeds.

Our hostess with the mostest Mckenzie and Trent, who are also some of my favorite people around. They carved Darth Vador which looked amazing. (the other side was a mustache, also cool)

Go Zelda! Amy and Daniel always knock us away with their deep knowledge of Zelda.

And last but definitely not least Jules and Seve rocked a classic pumpkin which I sort of messed up a bit.... sorry guys.

I love chilling with all these amazing people. They always make me happy and keep me sane here in Rexburg. We missed Rachael and Dan though. It seems not the same without them.

Panache Giveaway

Do you want to win something pretty? Ummm of course you do! Panache, a wonderful little clothing boutique right here in Rexburg, Idaho is giving away headbands. All you need to do is add Panache to your blog and then leave a comment on her page telling her which one you would like. Easy peasy.



This is actually a shout out to my sis-in-law Ashley because I know she loves maps so I think she might like globes too. Just a few fun ideas of what you can you with those old globes you always find. 1st use it as a Halloween treat bowl. (sorry the picture is blurry, I took it from a video)

Next, which is my favorite, use your globe as a lamp. It's super easy. All you do is cut it in half and stick you light fixture in and hang it up. I love the way it looks.



Last week R took me on a surprise date. First he whisked me away to Chiz's (an amazing little restaurant in the tiny town of St. Anthony) Food and company were amazing as usual. Next we drove on out the sand dunes. We hauled a little grill and some blankets out for some smores. Delicious. Then R started unpacking a tent. Surprise. We went camping. It was so much fun being out there with the 2 of us, and it made it even more fun with it being a surprise. Sorry girls, my husband is sweeter than all yours.

Bountiful Baskets

R and I picked up our bountiful basket this beautiful Saturday morning. Bountiful Baskets is a food co-op where you get a basket of fresh fruits and veggies for a great price. Everyone that helps with bountiful baskets is strictly volunteer which means they cut out the middle man and your wallet. I know they don't have these baskets everywhere, but they are in Arizona, Utah, and Idaho and a handful of other states. This basket cost us $13, but this is only part of the goods. R and I can't go through that much produce in one week so we spit out basket in half with our friends. This cost us $6.50. Not bad hu. If you're sick of spending and your monies at the market I suggest you check it out.

More Thrift Baby

These are an assortment of thrift and my work. This wall hanging sits about our couch. I wish wish wish I had a cute couch so I could take a beautiful picture of the whole thing, but sadly I have an old hand-me-down that is the exact opposite of everything I love. One day this will be fixed. I painted the tree which sits in the middle. Right now I'm working on a series of tree painting so if you like, you can get... soon. The other 4 hangings are a thrift find, $8 for the set. I repainted and antiqued them but am thinking about painting them grey or white What do you think? I need opinions here. Next we find a beautiful clock that R actually found. It took a bit-o-time unscrewing, painting, and screwing back into place, but we love the ending effect. Plus it cost around $3 and you just can't beat that can you. Maybe one day I won't have shop at thrift stores for everything, but then I just might have too much time on my hands


Who would LOVE a huge paper flower?
Check out this amazing wedding at

Oh Winter

Oh WinTer,
I think I could love you
if I had these colored tights, stripes, and coats.
I love you Kate Spade


My Life

This song by Ingrid Michaelson and Jason Mraz explains my life perfectly right now. Ohhh I love it when songs do that! I really wanted to post the live version of the two singing it, but for some reason it wouldn't show up on my blog after I posted. (I blame it on the Asian writing... I'm not sure I copied the right thing) To hear the version just youtube it. It's called "You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson. I just liked this live video and the sound of their voices. Please sit back and enjoy!


Vintage Suitcase

I couldn't resist posting again so soon. R just took these pictures tonight of my next thrifty buy, and he did an AMAZING job. We were literally sprinting up a dirt road and barely making it up a huge hill in time to catch the last rays of sun. In about 5 minutes R managed to get about 8 really great shots. These 2 being a few of my favs. This find of a luggage was $2 and I think will look so amazing draped in my hand at the airport. I can't even wait to travel with it! And the perfect thing about it is that it's small enough that I could still use it as a cary-on and not have to pay the extra baggage fee. This will look so much better on me than my old dance team duffle bag.


Homemade + Thrift

My end table with everything on it cost me around 25 beautiful dollars. I found the gold birds in the glass case (where all the most valuable items are locked) at DI and fell in love. R found the vintage camera in the case as well and couldn't resist either. With a $5 vase and some grey spray paint on branches I was able to make the rest.

Making a tree is super easy. All you need is
1. good looking branches
2. spray paint of your choice
3. dirt to plant and also rocks or gems to cover dirt on top
3. paper to make origami or go to Ikea to grab some pre-made
So simple. So perfect.
Aren't these birds just perfect?

Thrift Mirror

I wish I had a before/after photo of this mirror to really show you what I did to it. This mirror cost $10 and is a good size mirror that would have probably cost anywhere from $50-$75 new. It was actually connected to a medicine cabinet which my sweet R helped me take off and add a wire to hang it from. It was also this old school chipping gold color that definitely had to go. When I got this gem I was in the middle of painting our desk grey so I though I might as well just slap a little grey over the top of it. It's the right grey color, which gives it a modern feel, and still has some gold popping out to give it a vintage look as well. What do you think?
PS Excuse my crazy self in the pictures. It's a little hard getting a good angle without being in the photo.


Thrift Store Purchases

I think I'm going to do a series on all of the amazing thrift store, mainly Deseret Industries, purchases R and I have made over the past bit. I have to start with our latest which is a SURFBOARD. Incredible right? Especially since we live in Rexburg, ID nowhere near an ocean. The Board is is good shape and is the same size as my beauty waiting for me in Hawaii. I can't wait to use it when we move next year!