My life..... my entire life

My entire last 5 months have been consumed by drill team.
Dance in the mornings.
Dance moms calling all afternoon.
Dancing at games at night.
Dance competitions on weekends.
This week is the last brutally long week of dance.
It's the week of regions.
I am completely exhausted.
If I can make it through Wednesday alive I will let you know.
Cross every finger for me + my team!
Go Warriorettes


re-post poster

Yes I know I've posted this before..... Almost a year ago to be exact. The crazy thing is, no matter how many times I watch it I am still just as amazed as the first time. This video inspires me to create. To get off my couch potato scared butt and get work done! If you haven't seen this video yet you must watch! If you have already seen it you still must watch. I promise, it's 3 minutes you won't regret.

PS I hope you all had a wonderful holiday today! Mondays are so much better when you aren't working!


date night

R and I had a much needed date night.
I loaded up on pills [I'm STILL sick, going on my 3rd week]
We grabbed some Chinese food from Golden Jade
And headed to a hockey game.

This was one intense game! 3 times the players threw off their gloves and punch it out. For those of you non hockey watchers, if the players throw off their gloves the refs don't even get in the way. It's basically saying whatever can happen and until someone is on the ice you keep going. CRAZY. We were there 2 hours and it felt like 30 minutes. Ladies, I'm going to throw this thought your way. Valentine's Day is coming up. If you're like me you NEVER know what to get your love. Valentine's is such a girly day and it's hard to find a present that isn't covered in pink and lace. So why not take your guy on a manly date? Go to a sports event, a band they like, or even just an action movie. I guarantee they will love you forever.

I hope you all are loving the weekend. Do something fun. [if you have no ideas the Bronco's are playing tonight. It's going to be intense!]


everything wood

Lately I can't get enough wood.
Just look at these beauties!
Find them all here on my pinterest

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Trying to think of anything but dance...

All I can think about is dance, dance, and more dance.
I've got to get it out of this crazy head of mine!

So what do you do when you have no energy to be creative,

but you need a creative boost?

Say it with me my friends. Pinterest!

Pinterest is my happy place when I am in a desperate need of a 5 minute fix at work, or when I'm laying on the couch too lame + lazy to do anything but don't want to feel like I'm doing nothing. I go to Pinterest.

Come look at some of my top pins on a cold + lazy January day.

Beautiful things = beautiful day

Oh please enjoy


Christmas part II

This year R and I decided that instead of spending lots of money [that we don't have] that we would make each other presents. At first I thought this would be a genius idea. Then I had to come up with something. What do you get a guy that can do everything? I mean does he really want me to make him furniture or decorations? What kind of guy really wants that? Then there's the whole problem of keeping it secret. Where do I do these projects without R finding out? Especially someone so cleaver like R who hates secrets.

Finally after a million bad decisions I decided to draw charcoal pictures of R and I. I felt good about it..... until I started to draw. Have you ever tried drawing a picture of you husband? How do you draw a picture of someone that you love so much. Who when you look at them you see a million memories, a million dreams, and a million butterflies? Then how do you draw yourself? Try drawing a picture of your own worst enemy. Good luck. I think I drew over 15 photos of each of us and I'm still not satisfied. I finally just had to say it's the thought that counts right. Lets hope so...

Besides all the stressfulness and craziness before Christmas, it was the best time giving each other our gifts. We were both acting like giddy little children so excited for Christmas morning. But this time it was to give instead of get. I was so nervous giving R his gift that I was literally shaking when R opened it. I think it went ok. He says he loves them. [it might be a lie, but I'll take it]

Ryley made me an amazing chandelier. It is absolutely beautiful! Seriously, what an amazing man! He came up with the idea. [not one hint] I was completely surprised and wowed. I am married to such a talented person! Score for me.

Because it was such an awesome experience we decided that we are going to make presents for each other every year. I'm super excited to start one of our own traditions as a family. I know it is going to be one of our favorites. Yea for Christmas! Yea for Ryley.


Christmas Part I

It's always a party with our family
Welcome to a little Shaum Christmas Eve party
A little wild. A little crazy. A little awesome.


What a year

Where did 2011 go? I feel like I take a nap and 4 months go by. Well, maybe not take a nap. I wish I could take a nap. More like I'm running around and around and run through each month until the year is over. 2011 has had its ups and downs. I would like to think more ups then downs. We stared out the year in our old burnt orange countertop apartment. We would work and school all day, cuddle and watch Jimmy Fallon all night and ski every weekend. Nothing huge happened, just life. This summer I finally got my first legit job with insurance and retirement and a salary. This was a big deal for us. We moved away from Rexburg. We miss it so much but also realize that it wouldn't be the same if we moved back.

We started our life in Ogden. We now have granite countertops and our house is warmer than 65 degrees [it's 74 right now...yea!] We have 2 friends instead of 20. We are each others best friends. Moving to Ogden has really been a climactic and also an anticlimactic event in our lives. It's hard to explain. When I think on our move it feels like nothing had changed in our lives. We live in a place that is 5 degrees warmer than where we used to live. We don't have our friends and family to party with anymore. We do the same things. We eat the same food. But then at the same time I feel like moving had completely shaped our lives. We aren't college kids anymore. [my sweet man is a graduate after a big sacrifice of moving for his last semester and taking a million insanely crazy online classes <3 ] We rely on each other more. We have each other and that's it. We aren't living our lives from semester to semester anymore. But it goes deeper than that. Maybe it's the mood of our lives, or relationship. I am really at a lose of words to explain, but just know it's a good thing. I have never been more happy. Even though I have a crazy schedule and I'm stressed and tired. Even though Ry isn't in love with his job. Even though we miss having friends and I miss the sunshine. Those things don't really matter. Ryley makes all those problems ok. We have been married for 2.5 years. I already love him so much more that I did on our wedding day. It makes me so excited for the years to come. I'm sure the years will just keep getting better and better.

2011 was a great year. I have high hopes for you 2012. Maybe a new home, new jobs, new adventures. I have already make a big list of resolutions both personal and with R. I feel ready and excited to get started and check a few things off. I say bring it on 2012. I'll be ready. Ready to party. Ready to laugh. Ready for whatever crazy adventures come our way. I have a feeling it's going to be a big year!