What a DAY!

I'm sitting in the commons area at Weber High.
sitting, sitting, sitting....
It's parent teacher conferences today.
I love seeing the faces of parents when they see me sitting behind the
big PHOTOGRAPHY sign. I can tell they're thinking,
"Now wait.... did she steal the teachers chair or what?"
No. No I didn't. I am actually the real teacher.
And no I am not 19.
Please enjoy the photo comic relief of my being board out of my brain!


sweet words

Can I just throw this out there that it has been a rough few weeks.
Life has been handing us lemons so fast I haven't had the time to squeeze them all into lemonade. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to run to the store and buy some more sugar to throw in just to sweeten it up!

Luckily I have had 2 wonderful things to help me out...

1. R hugging me and loving me and letting me cry without getting annoyed and trying to solve the problem. Just letting me feel sad and be there for me.
2. Listening to the sweet words of Presidnet Uchtdorf at the General Relief Society broadcast. His entire talk brought tears to my eyes. Here's one of my favorite parts.

You are not forgotten.

Sisters, wherever you are, whatever the circumstances may be, you are not forgotten. No matter how dark your days may seem, no matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how overshadowed you think you may be, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you. In fact, He loves you, with an infinite love.

—President Dieter F. Uchtdorf



A view from the car a few miles from home

Cute little Howard threw rocks in the river until we drug him back to the car

A few of my favorite nieces

Definitely my favorite husband

Going back to Paris never seems to disappoint.
There's something about that slow town that draws you back.
I loved growing up in the small town,
But after I graduated I took a big break and didn't come home too much.
But now I just wish I could get there more.

In Paris there is 1 main road and 2 wards
[two groups meeting at different times for church services]
We have 1 gas station and a million cows
There are 2 paved roads [highway running through and my street]
And acres and acres of farmland.
Everyone one you pass on foot, on 4wheeler, on horse, on tractor, or car waves at you.
When I mow my lawn ever car that drives by waves.
At night the Milky Way lights up the sky
[I thought that happened everywhere, until I moved]
And my favorite brick house smells like family.

I hope someday to bring my kids back to Paris and spend all summer there relaxing in peace



Part 2 of our last Rexburg adventures consisted of a long bike ride + yummy huckleberries.
There is nothing better than riding off into the sunset holding onto your man on a bike,
and that is why we went berry picking on our last day.

R and I have made it quite a tradition to go huckleberry picking. When we were dating the first year R took me for the first time. I was so completely thrilled since it had literally been one of my life dreams to pick huckleberries. Weird but true. Simple mind simple pleasures right. R shared his families secret spot with me [not like I would have EVER been about to find it again without him there] and we picked to our hearts content.

Now I cannot imagine not going every year. We almost didn't get to this year because of the move. Luckily the berries ripened just in time! Now we have berries stashed away for huckleberry pie and jam and pancakes and muffins and lot lot more all year long.
Idaho, you deserve a high five


Goen' Fishen

One of R's many fish he caught... this one on the smaller side

My lil guy. I screamed forever before getting this pic

Our fish chilling on the poll waiting for us to be done

2 days before we moved R and I went on an all day Rexburg adventure.
[probably should have been packing all day, but this was way better!]
The first part of our day, after the sleeping in, we went fishing.
As of late we have been loving fishing and go as much as possible.
R is always my hero and baits my line, unhooks my fish, and guts the poor lil thing for me.
I do the lazy mans job and cast the line and reel em in! We make a good team.
Ry caught at least 5 fish that day. I caught 1. We saved 4.

Rexburg gave us such a prefect day. It was warm, a bit cloudy, and NO wind.
Can you believe it.... no wind. I swear that happens to days out of the year!
We found this huge palate thingy that we used as a boat
and floated lazily around the pond leaning our backs on each other and casting our lines.
If there were pictures of us on the water I'm sure they would be in all the mags
and would be making everyone wish they were us. I'm just positive.
Such a great part of the day.
Stay tuned for part 2

Rocken the Fair

Welcome to the Eastern Idaho State Fair

Our friend Daniel helped us do the math. For the joy of a carni ride it'll cost you about $1.30 a minute.

Luckily we had our favs Trent + Mckenzie to haggle with the carnies to play cheap games.

Super cool/super hard game. I think we threw down $20 and no one won. Lame

My guts have been craving fair food for 12 months.
I finally got my taste.
The fair's got it all.....
Deep fried food dipped in butter and fried again just to make sure it's greasy enough
Mullets that are so long I'm sure they haven't been cut in 10 years
Idaho's biggest horse. Sweet!
Rides + games + carnies
And don't forget the hypnotist shows.

It's definitely a must for fall.
I'm sad to see summer go, but this time I am getting the fall excitement.
It's now about football and layers and cool nights
And a feeling that I don't have to go go go and not waste a perfect summer day.
Now I seem to nap nap nap and teach teach teach


Sayonara Rexburg

one of our last days in the Burg

baby bump hump

don't worry. Stupid Carino's keeping me from partying with everyone. Lame

The past weeks I've been missing a little bit of my heart in Rexburg.
Wow I can't even believe I'm saying that!
I've been so anti Rexburg for a while. This isn't because I don't like Rexburg.
I was just ready for something new with a normal job.
Now I have that job and we have no friends.

R and I moved away from both our families.
We moved away from friends who have become our family.
Now we have each other.
I do love coming home to R each day. Watching NetFlix. Eating Moose Tracks ice cream and taking 3 hour naps. Who would love chilling with the best friend right.
But I just can't help miss all my others in Rexburg.

I didn't realize how lucky I was to have such great friends.
We always got together. No one ever fought or was lame.
Being in a college town makes it so much easier to meet people in your same walk of life.
Since we've moved I've met 3 girls around my age.
I hang out with one. At school. During lunch. Wow it's crazy.
Yes I actually really love Kimmie and am blessed to have met her.
(the one thing that keeps me sane at school)
But geezeis I miss everyone else!

I guess what I realized and what I need to not forget it.......
It doesn't matter where you live as long as your with the ones you love.


This time I'm really back.... I hope

Oh goodness I've been so BUSY!
I know forever ago I said I was back, but no I actually just got more busy.
Since my last hello we have packed up our life and moved a state over. Here in Ogden Utah. I am 3 weeks into my new job where I am teaching high schoolers graphic design + photography. I love it + hate it all at the same time! I think I'm just really really tiard. (that's the whole hating part) I slide my butt outta bed at 5 am and help out with the dance team before school. Then I teach teach teach until I come home to my sugar pie who lets me cry and nap and then he makes me smile and I feel all better..... until the next day.

I am honestly super surprised at how little time I feel like I have. I think it's just getting a new routine and settled into a new place + house + job. I'm feeling like I have a little bit more time as I get better at preparing lesson plans and figuring this new life out. Hopefully I really will be back for good this time!

So this is a little month late show of part of our adventures in Newport Beach CA. I'm missing this sunny life quite a bit these days.

our yearly trip to Ruby's on the Hunnington Pier

we walked clear clear out to the end of the pier at the Wedge