My new favorite song of spring
Listen and enjoy

Holga love

This is a take 2 with my holga. I'm still trying to figure it all out. The back of my camera popped off while shooting which exposed most of my film, but hey I still got a few.
They weren't what I was expecting, but it's fun to see what shows up on the negatives.

boarding at Targhee

Ben + R

R's camera... pictures from him coming soon




(R's picture of our Amaryllis)

Top 6 weekend moments
1. Not having to waitress Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! Can you believe it?
2. Spending time with R + my family going to The Savior of the World play and then to an extremely entertaining local indie film.
3. Spending Saturday afternoon with R in the great metropolis of Idaho Falls eating Great Harvest bread, shopping the clothing sales, and grocery shopping. ( I LOVE grocery shopping with R. It's so much better than going alone)
4. Catching up with one of my favorites, Mckenzie. It's been too long.
5. Going swimming with R. It was my first time ever swimming laps and it felt so good. R also helped me perfect my dive, AND we played a little PIG basketball in the sallow end. R won, but I don't even care.
6. Sleeping in until 1 on Sunday and then taking a 2 hour nap while also squeezing in Church, a steak dinner, and 2 movies plus so yummy oatmeal coconut cookies I whipped up.

Oh it was such a great weekend. I feel completely refreshed to start my Monday.


Why are swim suits, clothing with the least amount of fabric, the most expensive?
I spotted this beauty from my lovely friend Whittney who found it here.


work horse

It has been a crazy 7 days. Turns out working 2 jobs every day gets old rediculously fast. There is a reason I haven't been blogging and today it goes like this.

7:00 alarm goes off Hit snooze until 7:30. Wake up. Fly through the shower, dress my little self up, kiss R goodbye, and run out the door at 8:10 flying to Madison High to teach art.

8:15-3:30 Work work work, but this is happy work. I actually enjoy this work. I am teaching graphic design, ceramics, watercolor, and yearbook. During the day I give demonstrations on how to paint and how to make pots. I try to help/motivate students. I boss students around and make them be quiet. I try to help 7 students at once with photoshop. It's great.

{during this time I do get 1.5 hours for a lunch break and prep hour in which I drive on home to see R and get some stuff done. Today I ate lunch and cleaned out entire apartment sweep mop dust toilet except for the dishes... I'm hoping R gets the message. I load the car with my work clothes for job numero dose[2] as well as a bin full of dirty laundry that I'm taking to my mother's since we have no such wonderful amenities in our shanty. I then race back to school for my last class.}

3:30-4:40 I fly out of school locking the door behind me. Jump in my car and drive 35 miles to Idaho Falls. First stop mom's. Load the laundry. Eat some of her candy. Change my clothes and leave for Carino's.

4:30-10 or later Now I am not a respected teacher, but a disrespected waitress. Here I paste on my fake smile and walk/run my butt off. I get by because I have some great friends I get to chat with during the night. Thank goodness for that! Since I am the closer I make sure all the other servers do their jobs, wait for everyone in the resturaunt to leave, and come back to R.

10:45 and on I will stop at mom's to throw my clothes in the dryer, get home and jump in the shower to rid my body of garlic, and find R. He might be at his families since his sister, Ashley, is up for a visit. If so I'll head over there and party as much as my body will let me. If not I will hopefully finish cleaning the kitchen. Before bed I must finish preparing for the next day of class because I spent my prep time cleaning my house. This invloves downloading/editing pictures and painting.

Finally I get to crawl into bed with R, get my feet rubbed by his feet. Get my arms hugged by his arms. Fall asleep.

I'm hopping next week will be less crazy


music I can't get outta my head

Check out all 4 to help you through your rainy Monday


Asparagus on my mind

Asparagus you ask? Yes. It's Delicious and newly in my fridge which means we'll be having it for a week straight for dinner. Plus it's green just in time to wish you a happy St. Patty's!

As a little side note to green and leprechauns I'm feeling very sharey right now so maybe I'll just share a few randoms most people don't know.

I eat cinnamon toast every morning for breakfast. {it's because I crave sweets as soon as I get up and I don't feel too guilty if it's on wheat bread}

I have a phobia of walking over drain grates and man holes. Who knows when you're gonna fall in

The only time I like feet are when I'm in bed with R and he rubs his feet on mine as we fall asleep

I'm terrified to have kids

I try to dance naked around the house as much as possible. It keeps the heart free {and the husband happy}

feeling chubby?

Ok people. Are you feeling a little like me and wanting to get rid of that nasty winter chubbiness? I have a great solution. One word. Insanity. Insanity is a 10 dvd workout set designed by Sean T. Sean has made a killer workout that only lasts 40 minutes, but somehow leaves you in a pile on the floor when it's over. It's an interval training workout that targets every muscle, legs, butt, stomach, arms. Is it hard? Yes, but who can't do anything for 40 minutes? Plus after warm-ups and stretching you're half way done.

Insanity has a workout 6 days a week and comes with a nutrition guide which is a little more lenient than P90X. Because it has so much cardio you get to eat more. Perfect for me. I'll have to be honest, I don't really follow the nutrition guide. I eat healthy, but I eat lots more grains + carbs then they want. But guess what, I'm still gaining muscle and loosing fat + weight. I've done Insanity for about 3 weeks and have lost maybe an inch on my legs. I would show you a before and after picture, but the thought of a picture of me posing in my swimsuit for all to see sounds a bit awkward. You'll just have to take my word and try it out yourself. You can go to here to learn more. {if you buy the videos from the website it's a little more pricy. You could check ebay or craigslist ect for better deals}

Start now so your body will be ready when it's actually warm enough to wear a bathing suit. {which is June around here}

holga- take 1

My favorite husband R helped me develop my first role of film from my Holga this morning. {I used to know how a million years ago, aka my freshman year} They're not amazing by any means, but hey I thought it was a good 1st roll. I'll have to get started on numero dose.


Our Amarylllis finally bloomed
and it's

tutorial... finally

I've been meaning to put this tutorial on my blog for about ever. Ever is finally here people.
If you remember some of my earlier posts I talked about printing on fabric in a way that looks very original. No two things will every turn out the same.

You may have looked at the book I made here

or the ugly sweater party invitations I made here
I made both these beauties with an easy transfer technique you all can learn now

First things first. You need to either use photoshop to create on image, or find one online. {here's a tricky side-note. If you are transferring words like I did with my invitation you need to open your text in photoshop go to image - image rotation - flip canvas horizontally. This will flip your words so when you're finished you can actually read what it says. This is also the same if you need to flip your picture}

Once you have your picture the way you want it go ahead and print. You need to print on a Laser printer. Ink Jet printers WILL NOT work. This is crucial people.

Here is my image of my bike print paper
I got a piece of material and flipped the bike print over on top of the fabric.

Next get your Acetone ready. {if you're transferring something large you can pick up this big jug at your hardware store for super cheap. You'll have to use q-tips to rub on the Acetone on your paper. An easier, but more expensive way I recommend is going to a craft store such as Porter's or Michaels and buying an Acetone marker that looks like this beauty. You have more control this way, but the markers run out much faster.}

Now take your Acetone and start tracing over your print. Make sure to push hard and go over each part a few times. You can always flip you paper and peek to make sure it's as dark as you want, but make sure to keep the same place. The acetone works fast so as soon as you cover an area you only have seconds to re-cover the area and make sure it's on as dark as you want.

*make sure you don't get Acetone all over your skin. It can be dangerous. If you aren't using the marker I suggest wearing gloves and keep it away from you kids.*

Once you're done pull off the paper and you've got yourself a transferred picture.

This will give you a very unique look, but it's not exact. Good luck. Have fun. If you try this on something let me know how it turned out.


feels like winter, tastes like spring

It might still be 25 degrees outside, but that didn't stop us from doing a little grilling. I made shish cabobs for dinner today and just so you all know they were DeLiciOus
It almost made me feel like sunshine and blue skies. Another delicious tid-bit that set the night into fireworks are some extremely thiny and minty cookies I picked up outside the market this even. 3 words. Girl Scout Cookies. Oh yes we are indulging tonight. Thanks you girls scouts. I'm not sure what you do besides sell heavenly cookies, but you're doing a great job!

*side-note for all of those non "cookers" who never know what to make via: me*
I didn't use her recipe tonight, but Jamie has some amazing recipes that are easy to follow and always give me motivation to cook something yummy.


beautiful gifts

For some reason I've been obsessed with different gift wrapping ideas. Maybe it's because I've wrapped my presents the same all my life and there's something great about a little switch up. Plus half the fun is seeing a beautiful box that's just for you and wondering if what's inside is as great as what you're looking at already.

Great confetti packaging found at Oh Happy Day made by Joke

Rainbow-yarn wrappings found at Oh Happy Day or created by Melanie Falick

Cloth Valentine's done by one of my favorites at Say YES to Hoboken

Art.... Wow

I just finished web surfing and blog stalking, again.
{this time art and not people}
I've come across over a million things that are artistic, creative, and just plain beautiful that I wish I could claim as mine.
Be prepared for some amazing art posts of all shape and form.
First off this hair screams beauty and style. For any of you with long enough hair to try {mine is FINALLY getting there!} go here for a tutorial.


Our new apartment is starting to look like us
Now I just wish it would smell like us!
{our place is older and has a distinct old apartment smell. any ideas?}

anything stripes

I made curtains! Finally! I've had the fabric sitting in my car for almost 2 months now. I've been putting it off because that's what I do best, and also because I'm a little nervous about my sewing skills still. But I couldn't resist the thick striped fabric. I will say I'm pretty proud of myself. Please excuse the beautiful heater taking up so much lovely space.

One project down..... some on the list
1. book for R
2. Another mountain painting
3. Huge paining on new canvas
4. Finish the skirt I started a year ago..... maybe