grateful lady

The week is almost over with me not doing my grateful post + his/her. Woops
Today I am very grateful for friends
Amy, Mckenzie, & Jules to be specific

Some times I work and work and work and work and work and life seems lame. Don't get me wrong, R always makes life surprising and happy, but sometimes I just need a little more estrogen around. I haven't had a girls night in so long that I forget how much I need them and how great they are. These girls provided me with an evening full of relaxation and laughing my guts out. [We did miss Rachael Adair and her dirty comments/all comments]

I know I'm a broken record when I say sometime I really struggle with living in Rexburg. It's cold and little and I can't find a job blah blah blah. My friends are the reason I'm happy here and why I don't mind sticking around for a while.

I will have to say Jules is the cutest pregnant girl I have ever seen

Of course we ate cupcakes and did our nails while we were chatten' away. Please take note of my nails- my first ever.

Since I'm grateful for friends today I feel like I need to say how blessed I've been my entire life with having amazing friends by my side. In high school, the place most teenagers dread/despise was a party for me. This because of friends. The very first day I moved to college I met Rachel Hope, a girl who will be my life time friend and sister. And so it continued. No matter where I moved, [Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Provo, Hawaii] I always had someone to party and laugh with.

This list also includes my sisters and mother who are the best friends of all. No one is more like you than family. Maybe I'm more like them since I'm the youngest. I'm so lucky to live so close to my mom. To be able to visit her and talk her ear off and to never feel annoying or overbearing. And now I have 2 more sisters [well sister in laws] and mother in law which just extends the love. They are all so great and hopefully they feel the same because we're stuck with each other for a while. I am literally surrounded by amazing people and the more I write the more grateful I feel. Wow this really does work...


Rae said...

Oh man Chels, I'm not lying when I say I got a lump in my throat reading this. Thank you so much. You are definitely a life long friend and sister. I feel so lucky that I got to meet you when you were just a wee babe first stepping foot into college. I've loved watching you grow up and I know that makes me feel like I'm 30 years older than you, but I just feel like I've get to watch you go through so much, and learn so much. I just adore you. :) There is no doubt in my mind that God Himself placed us in good ol' 304 so we could be in each others' lives forever.
Thank you posting this. It came at the perfect time. Work has been so insanely busy this week and today especially. I was extra grouchy bc I was starving and my lunch was an hour late. I finally got it and decided to take a little break from work to check some blogs while I ate and was so happy after reading this.
Love you Chels. :)

Rachael and Dan said...

i miss you too :(

Sean and Becky said...

Sad times! I want a girls night with you :(

Laura said...

Chelsea are these pictures recent because your hair is sooo long! Sorry that was kinda beside the point but I love the rest of your post too sometimes you do need a girls night out and I always forget how much I need one till I am forced into one and then I love it!

Whittney and Ryan said...

girlfriends are best! YOU are the best and I miss you and yes LUNCH when i am up for the wedding, its a deal!

kate said...

you guys are all adorable.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i totally feel you girl, and am the youngest too. nothing beats friends and family times. tried and true. many blessings for many more moments like these. ♥

The Idaho Shaum's said...

Chelse we are the lucky ones to have you in the fam, you are amazing, beautiful and talented! Ryley is one lucky boy and I don't feel stuck at all just blessed! Thanks for the bread it was amazing especially at 2 am!