I was having a bad day today. Started driving around. Didn't know where to go. Naturally pulled into the mall. I was walking in trying not to cry so I didn't look stupid and a few guys were walking out. They kept looking at me and one said in some sweet accent...

smile Beautiful,
it's a Beautiful day...

Any now it is.
Thank you


3 Sweet Words

3 words...

20 more days!

the end


Go Green Baby

I was skimming the web checking out some of my favorite websites, and I came across some sweet eco friendly things on inhabitat.com. For fashion week they had some eco-friendly highlights from the "Green Show." These are a few of my favorite highlights from the show.

Gary Harvy had an amazing line "Dumpster Chic" that had the coolest dresses made from trash

Popomomo's Lizz Wasserman was just beautiful

...and I am in love with these glasses! They're bamboo and just plain sweet

JoAnn Berman's upcycled line was casual with so much color. Once again Loved it!


Valentines Amazingness

Ry rocked our first Married Valentines Day.
I'll spill all the dirty details. Actually no but here's the story. I get home from teaching school all tired and frustrated. Ryley tells me to get dressed up and pack a bag overnight. Yea! I have no idea what's going on, but I get ready and pack the thinks he tells me I'll need. We get in the car and he blind folds me. Pretty sure I got a million weird looks while we were driving. Too bad we got stuck in traffic and so Ry let me take off the blind fold so I wouldn't look crazy for an hour plus. Still had no idea where we were going.

We pull up at a theater. This may seem small, but we haven't gone to an expensive show since we've been married. Too expensive for newly weds for sure! We get tickets for When In Rome which I had been wanting to see every since we had looked up the preview. The movie was super cute and it was fun to be in a nice theater. So we got there a smidge late and missed the very first of the movie. So after it was over we decided to wait around and watch the first part that we missed. After we saw what we missed we left the movie. This is where we get toBonus #1. While we were walking out an usher asked if we walked out of our movie. We told him we had a reservation to get to. So he says "Then take these." and pulls out 2 free movie passes. Score! So now we can go back for free and watch another movie! Yea!

Next Ryley pulls us up in front of Tucanos which is a Brazilian restaurant with the most delicious meats. There is a ginormous salad bar you can help yourself to, and while you're eating servers some around with skewers of different kinds of meat and offer you slices. There are a million different kinds of meats and they just keep bringing it until you realize that if you eat one more bite you might throw up. We got the Valentine's Day Special which included a red table cloth, a beautiful rose, rib eye steak, shrimp, and 2 chocolate covered strawberries. Mmm so delicious. But seriously we both almost threw up walking to our car.

Next Ry drives us to a beautiful Marriot. This hotel was beautiful. Nicest I've stayed in. While we were checking in Ry and I spied Danny Glover. Ryley recognized him and pointed it out to me since I'm always oblivious. Danny Glover has played in tons of movies. He was the president in 2012 and I knew him from Lethal Weapon. Anyways, who thought we would see someone famous in a hotel in Provo ever?

We had some troubles checking in since their system was down. We sat there for 30-40 minutes. Not too big of a deal since I was still sick from dinner. We finally got our keys and went into our room. We had a door that let us out onto the courtyard roof and decided to take a look. Bad idea. Our key to our room wouldn't work. We were locked out. We went to the front desk. Long story short after trying a million things, calling the electrician out of bed to come help and waiting another 40 minutes we got in our room. Here comes Bonus #2... Because of all the trouble we got our room for free plus two free tickets to an amazing breakfast. I Love breakfast food so was super stoked. We had a wonderful night in our hotel. I don't know why it's so fun sleeping somewhere besides your house, but it just is. Plus the bed had the most fluffy white duvet with huge fluffy pillows and the mattress was unbelievably comfy!

The next morning we woke up and ate a Delicious breakfast. Weird. No one else was wearing pjs but us. I was bare foot and all which I thought was normal. Apparently this was a little bit of a nicer breakfast. Oh well. We ate waffles with fruit and whipped cream, sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, fresh fruit and yogert, my most favoritest granola ever, hot chocolate with whipped cream + cinnamon, and orange juice! So stinken good!

This is just a little close up of my fav granola. (it's the kind they put in acie bowls in Hawaii)

After breakfast we went hot tubbing and swimming. *side note- pretty happy with the beginning showings of our p90x ab workouts*
Hot tub. Super hot. Pool. Refreshing. All in all very relaxing.

Last we went upstairs, clean up, packed up, and went for a stroll on the courtyard on our roof.

The entire trip was Romantic, Relaxing, Rejuvenating, and a complete Party
Once again Ryley rocks my world


Yea for being ENGAGED!

Ryley and I are super excited to have another BROTHER in our family! Ashley and Alden and *Engaged!*

Now we'll have more old married people to paRty with.
Ohhh Ya!


Song of the WEEK

Yup I just downloaded Train for my video of the week. Train's a classic and I love this song. It reminds me of Ry and it's feeling like our song for the past month. Plus it just makes me happy and I thought the video was pretty different and sweet. Enjoy my friends!


mY LoVe

I know I've been blogging a million more times than usual lately, but this has been a different week and has given me so much to think about. One of Ryley's family friends passed away in a snowmobiling accident. We were able to drive up to Rexburg and attend the funeral. Now I've never met Scott, the man who died, but I do know a few of his kids. So I've never met this man, but sitting at his funeral I was overwhelmed with love for him and his family. All of Scott's children got up and gave a memory or something they learned about their father. It was so touching. The one thing that every child said, every speaker said, and every person attending the funeral (including Ryley) was how loving he was. How he treated everyone like his best friend. How you could know him for ten minutes and he would already be genuinely interested in your life and how he would make you feel like you were great. This is something I have always envied in others and listening to the speakers I can honestly say that I cried. I cried for his family. I cried because I was so touched from even hearing about the life of such a great man. Maybe I cried a little because I never got the chance to know him.

I know my title said this post was about Ryley, my love. And it is. It is because while I was thinking about how this man must have been so great I realized that my husband sounds just like him. I can truly say that Ryley is the most kind hearted person I have ever met. (or at least top 3) I'm not just saying this because he's my husband. I'm saying it because every single chance Ry has to help someone, to serve someone, to make someone else smile, he does it. He constantly rubs my feet, squeezes my hand, cranks the heat on in the car because I'm freezing even though he's dying of heat. He makes me dinner, he takes me to lunch, hugs me a million times because he knows how much I need it, and he even doesn't hate me when I'm crazy. These are just a few of the things he does for me every day. I hope that I never take him for granted. I hope I learn from his example and open up my heart and give more freely. I love you Ryley. Who knew that life could be so sweet....


Who's your Techa?

Just thought I would inform you all that I have *34* beautiful days left of student teaching. Yes those are only the days I am here at school not counting the weekends. I'm still really liking teaching, but it's just not quite the same teaching in someone else's classroom. But...... it's definitely better than being a waitress.

We're on Marz fools

Ok so maybe we're at the Planetarium at Gateway but really what's the big diff? Not much. We took a trip with Hayden and Drew and crazy enough learned a whole bunch about gravity, the earth, and muchos other planets. I swear I'm getting dumber every day not going to school anymore so I was pretty stoked about my new knowledge.  



Ryley and I are starting P90X today when I get home from school. P90X is a really intense workout program. We're shooting for some hot beach bodies by May. Really right now I'm just hoping I don't throw up! We had to take a fitness test to make sure we would be able to do the workouts. We passed, but I can only do 1 pull up. Yup it was kind of hard for me to do too. I'll keep you posted on my amazing pull-up abilities in 30 days.....