Happy Brithday

Ryley's birthday turned out great.
During the day it didn't rain.
We got to hike R Mountain
and enjoy taking pictures + eating lunch + flying kites
During the evening all our close friends came and ate sushi with us
R ate a roll of only fish eggs. Slightly disturbing.
[I did try them and they were actually not bad]
We then headed home to eat some cake and relax.
R was surprised with his new watch.
I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend.


Tyann and Aaron Boutilier said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of you two kissing is adorable! I'm glad you guys had a good day. Happy Birthday R! {even though we've never met}

michelle said...

Ah LOVE the cake....so CUTE! I also LOVE the picture on R MOUNTAIN! Its so cute and crisp! Too cute!!

Rae said...

Happy birthday Ryley!
You are such a great wifey Chels. Thank cake looks so delish!

Whittney and Ryan said...

ahh too cute! we also had dinner for ry's b-day dinner! Happy Birthday R!

Anonymous said...

Hey you didn't talk about the cute butterfly that you caught! ;)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

birthdays, rainbow cakes, rad watches and hilltop kisses is what! oh my gosh, it's all so good. excellent post lades!!! ♥