daily rituals

What do you do all day R?

Must do's
R must check theawesomer.com,new movie trailers, whiskeymilitia.com, email, and youtube at least once a day.

R must play his ps3 for [at least] 30 minutes. This must be done while sitting 2 feel from tv

R prefers, but doesn't always get, a big cup of juice [grape] with every meal & snacks

He must have 2 Q-tips after a shower to clean out his ears until they shine

He has to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door [to be the first one to an intruder]

He always has a turkey tail in his hair when he wakes up, and 6 out of 7 days has one the entire day.
He prefers watching AFV over Kathy Lee & Hoda in the mornings. Obviously.

He definitely needs a hug + kiss from his lil wife every morning + night

And he even admits now that he needs me in the bed to fall asleep.

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