Dew Tour

This past weekend R and I went to the Dew Tour in SLC. One word. Amazing. Actually two more words not quite as happy. Crazy Lines! We hit up the amateur skaters first who were all younger than us. One kid was 13 and was ripping up stuff I could never dream of doing! After we waited in a long long line for the BMX finals. We were standing right by the final jump where they throw the biggest tricks. Seriously those guys are up in the air 20 feel. Competition was steep. So steep that the kid who threw a double backflip only managed to get 3rd. A 15 year old from Michigan took first.

Next we waited in an even longer line for the finals of pro skate park. I was so parched that while R went for seats I got water and almost didn't get to sit by him because security was ridiculous and wouldn't let me bak in forever, but I finally wooed them into letting me sit by my husband. here we watched amazing pros land trick after trick. Among them was P Rod, Ryan Skeckler, Greg Lutzka, and Chaz Ortiz. I had never heard of Chaz Ortiz who is 16 and prom Chicago, but turns out the young ones were rippen it today because he took first.

Good day.
Tiring day.
Glad to have gone.
Glad to be home.

R and I in front of the BMX jump. Just so you know we were there!

R took some amazing pictures of all the BMXrs

A picture of P Rod before security told R his camera was too nice and he couldn't take any more pictures. Lame.

Shade under a DECADE

Turns out I really slacked with blogging for a while. But R and I had such a wonderful summer that I have a hard time passing up all the thousands of pictures we took. I've narrowed it down to a a few, but really it's only a glimpse into all the adventures we've had.

This post is about my wonderful trip to SF with my college favsRachel Hope and Becky Packard. It was seriously so much fun. It was my first girls trip since before I met R. We did a lot of sight seeing and ton ton TON of walking and even more laughing. Honestly it doesn't matter where I'm at with these girls I'm always going to have a great time. The first thing Rae and I did getting into the city waiting for Becky was walk down to a local cafe, grab a snickers and DP for breakfast and gab for an hour about random things. Loved it. These girls will always be in my heart and mind. I just hope this girls week continues every year.


Summer time

I feel very guilty that I didn't even write about my 1 year anniversary. I can't BELIEVE it has already been that long! Every morning I wake up I am so grateful to see Ryley's face. He is absolutely amazing.

Some of my favorite things about being married to Ryley are..
1. having a bed buddy
2. getting a back scratch every day
3. always having someone to eat dinner with
4. laughing all day
5. never feeling lonely
6. always having Ryley there to back me
7. having someone who loves the glass case at DI as much as me
8. knowing I'll be happy forever!
9. The cute surprises I always find walking through the door
10. Having the best nights ever at home in pjs with no one but R and me

Speaking of some of R's sweet surprises.... He gave me a beautiful matt grey and baby blue beach cruiser for our anniversary! I L.O.V.E. it! He took me to the store and told me to pick one out and I about died. I have dreamed of having a bike like this since I was a 10 year old girl. He made my dreams come true!
I love you so much Ryley. You make every day a happy one!

As you might have guessed from the previous picture, we were in CA for our anniversary visiting my grandpa at his beach house. We had an amazing week there just relaxing on the beach and going for lots and lots of bike rides. W went to The Price is Right and also Rob's Fantasy Factory. It was pretty sweet for sure.


Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen has some really beautiful photography. Maybe it's the photography plus the beautiful girls and their fabulous wardrobes all inclusive that I love, but all in all it's some great eye candy to check out.

Fall Frenzy

It's official:
Summer is left
Fall is here.
Bye bye summer filled with
1 trip to Hawaii
2 camping trips
3 vacations to CA (SF and OC)
4 trips to a clinical research clinic
5 million job applications
6 friends up on a longboard hill
7 days of the week full of sunshine and love!

Summer was amazing but the cold mornings and crisp air is helping me get excited for fall. I'm glad to be back at home with no big plans to leave for weeks at a time. School is in and it's time for me to bring out all of my many sweatshirts and cardis.

I'm getting excited for:
Long bike rides on my new beautiful bike.
(this one is not mine, though I dream one day it will)
this bike is named Poppy. I LOVE it! Compliments of adelineadeline

Indian + floral prints from Swell
I love the tall boots and light sophisticated vans like

Maybe after looking beautiful and riding bikes my R and I will cuddle up on the couch to watch FOOTBALL!

Goodbye Summer. I'll miss you..... kind of


Sneak Peak

Ok. It's been FOREVER. That's because we've been playing the past 3 weeks. Now we're getting back to reality and somehow I'm having a hard time getting into a grove. I don't have time to go through all my pictures tonight. But I've brought a sneak peak with a promise that more is coming soon!