Sometimes we like to play in a field full of flowers
Doesn't everyone?

I can't get enough of these geometric + indian designs

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 is my own creation


Summer Bucket List

I've said this before but, I love lists. I have about 4 lists I've been writing slash crossing off the past few days. My favorite list being R + my summer bucket list. I've decided to share.

Bike rides
Longboard [work on my front slide and master before fall]
Golfing [more like the driving range]
Fishing in the dark with R [so different than day fishing]
Canoe ride
Eat at all the food wagons around Rexburg like taco wagon, teriyaki wagon, Greek wagon, Pacific Island wagon ect ect ect
Get snowies
Bridge Jumping
Wake board lots and lots
Camping with friends and also with just my R
Pick asparagus
Huckleberry picking
Spend time in Bear Lake
Read many lovely books
Shooting [more R than me, but it should be fun]
Take pretty pictures [but really, better my photo skills]
Go to the fair and eat tons and tons of greasy fattening fair food!
Skinny dip
Midnight bike rides
BBQ [and actually do the grilling instead of R]
Outside dinner party
Road trip to Newport Beach
Take a nap in a hammock. Does anyone have a hammock I can borrow???
Go see the BODIES exhibit
Plant a garden and eat yummy veggies
Swim somewhere with water slides and diving boards [actually hard to find in Idaho]
Go to a outdoor concert. Preferably John Butler in August in I can convince R...
Drive in movies
Hike the Tetons
Hike somewhere in Southern Utah
See an many friends as possible
Be outside as much as possible
Relax and smile definitely as much as possible

So what's on your summer bucket list?
Any other good ideas for me?


It was a good weekend.
So grateful for friends + sunshine + water + summer
It makes me happy.


Grateful Lady

1. It's warm! This is the first week where I have actually used my air conditioner! I thought this day would never come!
2. I'm back home with my man and living a boring life. [which seems weird to be grateful for, but sometimes you just need boring..... with your favorite person]
3. I made some money this week which is always good to be making instead of spending.
4. R and I play tennis. so so fun. We are both terrible, but I'm optimistic we will be amazing by September.
5. My hair is getting longer people! I've been waiting for this day!
6. I'm reading an intriguing book that is taking up my time. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's been out forever, but I'm just getting to it. There is nothing better than lounging outside in the sun, sipping something yummy, and reading, [thanks mom, it was a good day yesterday]
7. I FINALLY planted my mixed lettuce in a pot where I will water it and talk to it until it grows us lots of yummy greens to eat. [I plant my garden in a pot. One day I will own a house with a lovely garden in the earth. One day...]
8. I'm sitting next to my favorite person, aka R, aka husband. He makes me smile.
9. My house is not clean. [that part really isn't happy but this next part is -->] I don't plan on cleaning it until Monday. I'm going to enjoy this weekend!
10. R + I finally made our "summer bucket list" and we have been crossing off things left and right. I plan to cross off a few more this weekend. Oh summer is so wonderful.


california trip: part 1

I have finally uploaded some of the pictures of our trip to California to celebrate our grandpa Gill's life. Despite the mournings, it was beautiful and it was definitely a blessing to see all our family.

Newport Beach 32nd street

R climbed clear to the end of the jetty where the waves were getting him

My lovely sister Brooke handing out the flowers we were to throw into the ocean during the scattering of the ashes

R + me waiting on the jetty

Shayla + Todd [brother + sister/in/law]

cute little Gabby showing me her pink flower

My mother + her 2 sisters had went out on a boat to scatter Grandpa's ashes. We stood on the jetty and threw out our flowers in loving memory.


I finished a custom book for someone on my etsy shop.
It was definitely a challenge getting the text + font + everything to look lovely, but I think I finally figured it out. It was fun and challenging to make. I hope my customer is a happy camper.
I mailed out/sold a painting the other day and I just keep hoping someone loves my art like I do. I hope they have a happy home.


organize me please

I would love my inspiration board to look as neat and pretty as this

I love the different twist on a bulletin board.

genius calendar idea

Today I had a beautiful though pop into my head.
But first, the preface....

Here I am. Loving to make lists. Loving to have things organized.
Here Ryley is. Hating lists and is not so worried about order.
During our little family home evening last night both R and I discussed how we could be more organized with school and finances and well, life. R is having a hard time remembering what is due each day in his oh so many classes. Thus I, the lover of lists, asked if maybe we could make a school calendar to help him know what he has to accomplish each day and not just see a million projects due and become overwhelmed and peace out before he can even start.

Today I went a bought a big slice of butcher paper. I decided to make a massive calendar taking up one of our bare walls. { fyi it's yellow wich =s happy } While I was cutting the paper down to size I remember this sweet picture R bought from a thrift store with a metal frame around it. The painting is 6 feet x 6 feet. Huge. Well it's not the best photo and I couldn't paint over it so I decided to tape the butcher paper to the painting to frame our ginourmous calendar.

Then the light bulb.
I thought what if I make a massive magnetic board in which we can put a massive calendar, homework, inspiration, love notes, and whatever we fancy. Such a brilliant idea! I'm actually pretty stoked because everyone would love a massive magnet board... right? Well maybe I shouldn't say that until it's finished. Which will hopefully be sooner than later.


just dreaming.....

I really really really want a free trip to paris Oh so Bad!
This lovely person might make those dreams come true.
Wish me luck my friends!



1. The quality or state of being mediocre.
2. A person of mediocre ability.

Is it ok to just be mediocre?

This idea has been winding through my thoughts the past week. You see I've been on a family trip and then to the funeral of my grandpa the past weeks. It has provided me with the opportunity of relaxing, reflection, and family.

All my life I've been a hard worker. I've had goals and dreams in mind that I have worked hard to achieve. Some I have and some I'm still working on. Sometimes I have so many goals and desires to "make something of myself" that I don't enjoy life as much as I could. I definitely don't relax much. Instead of sitting with my husband I'm painting or blogging or running or something "productive." I'm not saying this is a bad thing. It's probably more good than bad, but as I enjoyed my family and pondered the meaning of life. What it's about. What's most important. One word kept coming to my mind. Ryley. aka Family. I love Ryley so much. He calms me. He pushes me. He soothes my heavy heart and mind. He makes me smile and laugh. He makes life happy. He makes me happy.

Now family and love is not a mediocre thing to find. It's very unusual to find, to have, and to hold on to. But sometimes I want more. I want to become a respected artist and designer. I want to build a career and become someone respected. I want this because I feel like every person is great and needs to continue to push themselves and become the greatest person they can become. I feel like I have something to share with the world to make it better and I don't want to waste my time watching tv when I can be bettering myself and perhaps/hopefully helping and inspiring others. I see others who follow their dreams and succeed. I want that.

I feel so torn. When I started writing this I felt like I just wanted to focus on family. Now I want both. Sometimes this is such a hard thing to balance. To figure out which is more important. To do what you love and inspire others, and still have time to love and be inspired by your family, your true love. Sometimes I wish I felt content to be mediocre, but some times I'm glad I don't.

There is nothing wrong with being mediocre. Most people in life are. It's hard to become that famous actress or artist or lawyer. I have decided I won't feel bad if no one ever knows my name. I won't because I know that I will constantly be striving to become better and more than I am right now. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically stronger. I hope I can always keep this drive, but that I will be able to find the balance between pushing myself and being able to sit and breath and enjoy.

I want to be able to inspire others, but mostly I want to always be inspired. I hope I can always look at life with a positive eye and see the beauty all around.

I feel like my favorite quote goes along with my thoughts today...

Live vibrantly not perfectly


Home again. Home again.
I'm FINALLY home after 2 long weeks.
I'm in my baggy sweats.
R is doing homework.
I'm making a book.
Life is good.

We returned home last night from sunny California
where we went to my grandpa's funeral.
I saw cousins I haven't seen for 10 years.
I played with brother + sisters + nieces + nephews
that I normally get to see only once or twice a year.
We got together to celebrate our amazing grandpa.
I just wish he could have taken part in the celebrating as well.
He probably is in heaven.
91 years is a long time to be on earth.

You're probably wondering why I posted a picture of me
acting like I'm all "Vogue" and such.
Well the day we left for CA I got to help a friend with a photo assignment.
She did such an amazing job, because.... I don't really look like that.
Seriously. I keep looking at the picture wishing I really looked like that.
Anyways, she's amazing.
Kiersten Sterling deserves a shout out.
Look her up.
She'll make you look pretty.


come home to say goodbye

I got home late last night.
Girls week was great.
I got to know my newest family much better
We laid out, we hiked, we shopped,
Mostly we laughed

I did have some bad news that I found out while there
My grandpa passed
I am going to miss him so much
But he's happy and not hurting which makes me happy.
I'm waiting for R to get out of school
We are headed to CA today
It's now time for the Matthews family
I am excited to get there and celebrate such a full life
I hope when I die I have this many people to celebrate mine


Hold on to your pants because I'm leaving for a week!
Girls week in St. George
pool day
no computer
see you next week
don't forget me