his/hers stripes & brights

It's time for a his/her post again
Sometimes it's a bit hard to think of interesting his/her ideas.
But ya know what, oh well, it's us and I like us so maybe you will too

R loves bright things. He might not tell you this, but I know it. I do. Every time we go shopping he picks out the neon colored shirts or board short. He'll pick out bright dresses for me and I'll smile and say what about this one and hold up a light tan dress with absolutely no color.
I know why he does this. Because he's an 80s baby. He just can't get away from it.

It makes me laugh though because I'm exactly opposite. I almost always go for the earthy tones. I don't own a pink shirt, bright or dull, I have some reds and navy blues and a pop here and there, but most of my clothing is a very muted color. I wonder if R hates my wardrobe? hmmm

R's clothes match his personality. Also bright and optimistic. Love that

*extra tid-bit*
I've been thinking about different funny things we say and here's my new favorite from R.
[c] "oh Ryley look how cute that skirt, shorts, ect are. I really really want them. Why are they so short! Augh!"

[r] "It's ok Chelse, let's just buy 2 and sew them together."

This is his explanation for everything. It always makes me smile and sometimes I think.... hmmm maybe I will.

It's official. I am obsessed with stripes.
My closest has 15 stripes and 1 floral
My fabric drawer has 90% stripes + 10% solids
Every time I search for house decor it all comes out with stripes.
I can't get aways with it.
I buy R striped shirts always, I paint with stripes, I love stripes.

*my extra tid-bits*
Well I'm not sure if this is R's favorite thing that I say, but I think it's pretty funny because whenever I say it it makes him laugh, but also frustrates him a bit.

[senario] R is always tackling me. He pins me down or grabs my arms or around my guts and tickles me or just won't let me move [drives me crazy!] Don't worry, we are both [usually] laughing. R will always say "Chelse, I've got ya now. You're my prisoner." and then I'll say, " No Ry, I've got yooouuu. Yooouuuuu can't let go of me so you're my prisoner. He always laughs, but it makes him mad because he can't let go so he really is mine." See people it's all in the way you look at things. Have the right perspective and you're golden.


Rae said...

I love your response to him tackling you. Hysterical, and I can totally hear you saying that through your laughter.

Danny & Branae Porter said...

Chels! I am loving what you are doing and have done to your blog! It looks great and i check it almost daily! Way to be so creative!! Keep up the great blogging! love ya

Madison Bradshaw said...

I am in love with stripes too! I went shopping with this boy yesterday and i picked him out 4 striped shirts (as I was wearing a striped dress) and he said, "madz, i don't want to look like you!" haha