just take a look

at my man.
he's beautiful.
but in a manly way

Who knew that you could get
looks + brains + laughs
in one person.

Story purely for amusement...

I always here stories about R as a little boy. So cute. So smart. So out of control. One of my favorite stories is when R was around 3 or 4 he was being baby sat. Obviously he did something naughty because the babysitter sent him to his room. Ryley, being the devious person he is wanted to get back at her. He opened his window so it looked like he ran away, but he didn't leave. He then proceeded to take all the toys out of his toy box. He lined the bottom with his favorite blankey. And then he laid inside, putting all the toys back on top of him, and closed the lid. The babysitter came in and couldn't find R anywhere. She called his parents who came home and they all searched. After 3 hours his mom finally found R sound asleep in his toy box. What 4 your old come up with a plan so brilliant and executes? It makes me so excited + scared to have kids and see what kind of trouble they get into.


Rae said...

Oh man, that is the meanest story ever! Must be an Idaho thing. My dad and his brothers had a babysitter who was terrified of water and they tied her up and put her in a canoo and sent her down the river.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

EPIC photo of you two!!!! love it and your story. Ryley was a rapscallion indeed, i'm sure you'll manage his mischief...it keeps life interesting that's for sure! my boyf plays pranks all the time, i'm beginning to feel like it's a "Jackass: the movie" life of sorts ; )

happy week wishes lovely!!! ♥

michelle said...

That is an awesome story...well not for the babysitter!! Too funny!!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! What a little stinker! (and smart, too!!)

I have a feeling you guys are in for some trouble! ;)