Oh Horse Feathers

What do you think of my new
Business Cards?
R and I designed.
I have ideas.
He makes them work on the computer.
I've decided we should start a business together.
We both have different strengths + weaknesses.
Our energy + creativeness feeds off each other.
Plus I love being by his side.
Keep your eyes open for one this year...

my mind is scared

This past week I've had much weighing on my mind. One of those, and the biggest I would say is accepting my new job. At first I was torn with should I take it. Should I stay? How will this effect our lives. How will this effect R's school? I was so stressed and scared that I made myself sick, like doubled over sick and was completely exhausted. I've finally made a decision [of course with the help and support of R] and we're going. But I still have a nervous/sad feeling in my guts. I'm scared for many reasons. In less than a month we are going on vacation. We are looking for an apartment and moving everything we own. I will have to figure out exactly what it is I'm teaching and gather information and curriculum for who knows where so the students [who apparently look the same ago as I do as I was told by the principle who hired me] don't think I'm an idiot and not take me seriously. I have to do a whole bunch of other things to be qualified for the job and to get my teaching license. I keep telling myself every few hours to not worry. It's going to get done and it won't help to worry. But sometimes I still worry.

I have also realized how sad I am going to be to leave Rexburg. I know I can't believe I'm saying it either, but we have made some pretty amazing friends here the last while and I don't know if I'm ready to leave them. We also live close to both sides of our family whom we are really going to miss seeing all the time. When you're in college you're surrounded my young people whom you have a bunch in common with. It's a great time for friends. I'm not so sure it will be that easy in Ogden even though I am crossing my fingers.

For now I'm going to push every though of new jobs and a new home out of my mind [or at least try my very hardest] and go on a trip with my most favorite person in the world and have the best time possible. We will be gone for a week. I'm not going to bother with blogging 1 because this time is just for R and 2. we won't have internet so I couldn't if I wanted to.


I couldn't resist

great news.... I think

Here's my big announcement.....
I got a job!

This job is in Ogden, Utah and I'll be teaching photography and graphic design at Weber High. Ahhhh Crazy! I'm excited and overwhelmed and scared and stressed and I think I'm happy..... It's a big step from waiting tables that's for sure. Utah wasn't my desired place to live, but I'm thinking of it as a stepping stone.

Thus saying, my next month will not be relaxing. It is going to be crazy all filled with finals, certification, moving, [first actually finding an apartment], saying goodbye to family and great friends, finding at least something to teach these young minds, and at the moment finals for R. Luckily we are taking a week vacation to Newport Beach, CA where we can relax and actually wrap our head around this new thing in our lives.


baby shower

Happy happy Baby time to my favorite Jules

and so we threw a lumberjack party for the little man.

jars of root beer for drinking

fresh flowers for smelling

a plaid banner because it's a party and you must have a banner for every party

the present I made for little baby. Everyone needs a mustache shirt

the beautiful mom in full glory with that tummy

Jules is so beautiful and glowing

The night turned out prefect.
Jules was glowing and beautiful.
Mckenzie and I finished all the decorating just in time.
Food = delicious
Friends = laughing about Harry Potter, Twilight, and other such topics until late.


Since I don't have any lovely photos of my own to share
I thought why not share someone else's.
Fashion photo inspiration

no camera...? WHAT!

Seriously I can't seem to ever have a camera with me these last fews weeks. I feel like I've been going and going and I want to share but then I think hmmmm I haven't a one pretty picture to post. Sometimes it gets lame just reading boring words. Sorry that's all you're getting tonight. But here's a super top 10 of what I've been loving lately!

1. Just finished boating with some lovely friends. Since I usually wake board last and get terrible water everyone gave me first dibs. I glided through glassy water. Best way to relax after a frustrating day of work. [**side-note** Usually when I board it starts storming crazy hard. Like waves blowing and curing over you in the water. No so much fun. I'm pretty sure I'm a curse to Ririe Reservoir. But right when I was finishing up the wind started blowing. Lightning started sparkling and rain came pounding down. Crazy Idaho with crazy storms!]

2. R and I went bridge jumping this past week. So fun. 1st time = scared and sliding off my butt over bridge into water. 2nd time = more brave and jumping. yea.

3. Went long boarding 2 whole times! Did a front slide. Fell on my face. No take that back. Fell on my arm. Have battle scab to prove it. We tried a new hill in Idaho Falls which we loved and I'm sure we will be back to soon. We also got to skate with some of our favorite people... Amy + Daniel. Yea for good friends!

4. Went swimming at this cute pond with a wooden dock and an island with a light house on it. We canoed around, dove off the dock, and spent some love time with R.

5. Sunday consisted of sleeping in until noon. Going to church. Taking another 2 plus hour nap. Heaven!

6. Went on a camp out with our church Friday night. Meet some new people who I hope become new friends. Guess what. We have the same name! Chelse + Dallen are sweet. Dallen wants to design his own theme park. He asked R to help him with the graphic design. We will help only if we can always go to the front of any line we want.

7. While we were camping and getting into out tent to snooze for the night we heard an animal outside our tent. I was scared thinking "I'm sure it's a mountain lion or perhaps a creepy man come to get me." No. Raccoon. In the middle of the night little raccoon came scratching on the door of our tent. He scratched my foot which was against the edge. I then proceeded to have dreams that a puppy was outside. He was the size of an iPhone. We got to keep him. I'm so sad he's not real.

8. I got news today about a job! I'm going for an interview at Weber High in Ogden Utah tomorrow morning. I don't have high hopes but at this point an interview makes me feel super.

9. I've been planning a baby shower for a good friend. I love designing things. I'm excited to finish it off and have a party on Wednesday. [hopefully I won't forget a camera]

10. only 2 more weeks until summer semester is over and my husband won't be stressed or grumpy [hopefully] and we will have time to play and laugh and giggle without having a dark homework cloud looming over our heads. Yippie!



I have a crush on braids
the end
Happy 4th of July Everyone!
fyi: R and I didn't get any pictures of the weekend... turns out the camera doesn't work so great if you don't have your battery. Oops.

R and I drove on down to sweet little Bear Lake for the holiday
It was as comforting and beautiful as ever
We arrived at my favorite home Friday. As soon as we unpacked R and I headed outside and started..... yard work. Yes yard work, and it was wonderful. For some reason I love any sort of yard work. Mowing, weed-eating, weeding, tree trimming, gardening, all of it. And I especially love working at my home. While we worked every car that drove by game me a friendly wave, even though we moved away 7 years ago. It makes my heart smile that people in Paris still remember me and still wave and give me a smile. We fixed up the yard and I will say it looks great. I just wish we could live there all summer long and fix it up and make it bright and shiny.

Saturday R + I went to visit some friends on the lake. Guess what. The lake is FULL! It hasn't been that full in about 8 years. Such a happy site. We went boating and swimming and relaxed in the sun. Great company and great scenery.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with family family and more family. We had a full house with tons of screaming/giggling nieces + nephews and brothers + sisters. We played games. We BBQed. We rocked the Paris parade, we hiked to Bloomington Lake. [well we didn't get quite to the lake since there was still 5 feet of snow on the ground and the lake was FROZEN OVER! It's a good thing it's July right] We made a midnight trip to eat at the Ranch Hand [a very delicious + famous truck stop] where we somehow managed to hit a skunk on the way home making R throw up a total of 4 times while Kenny and I continued to laugh for 10 minutes straight.

When everyone packed up for home Monday afternoon we barely made it back in time to see Idaho Fall's fireworks. We were so close we were pretty much directly under the sky show. Now only did we get to see the fireworks, but we also got rained on with all the firework remains. That's what you get when you have such awesome seats.

It was such a great and relaxing weekend. I am so grateful to live in the country and have the blessings of freedom and the opportunity to shape my life into something wonderful. Thank God for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.