This was about a million years ago, but I've been so busy and my pictures have been stuck on my camera forever. Yea for finally getting them.

We went camping with a bunch of our friends. We've been chilling with all these guys this summer. I love them. They make me happy and they make me laugh. What else do you need on a summer evening?


Justin Hackworth

Justin Hackworth just sent me some picture of me and my love at our sister's wedding. I love weddings because they're beautiful, but I also Love weddings because amazing photographers, such as Justin Hackworth, take your picture and then you get to enjoy that beautiful moment forever.

Lab Rat

I know it's been forever people. I'm sorry for those of you who love me and check my blog on somewhat of a regular basis. First off, it's finally sunny and beautiful outside and I just haven't had the desire to sit in by the computer. Secondly, sadly I have been working more at Carino's Italian grill. That place wipes me of my energy and makes me less ambitions and I desire to lay in bed or on the couch and watch The Price Is Right while munching on some cinnamon toast.

Right now I am actually doing a clinical research study where I am the ginny pig. I am getting paid pretty good money. Money I would not be able to make at Carino's. Money that will allow my husband and I a month of leisure in August. A month I can only day dream about while being forced to a bed, with a random room mate (who thankfully is normal and very sweet), being stuck with needles ever half hour, and having to fast when they want and eat huge nasty eggs and whole milk for breakfast without shooting them back up. Oh just think of the money Chelse....... the money.

The bright side is I'm going to have some time to get things done while cooped up in this room of mine. For starters I've been wanting to read Eat Pray Love forever and never have taken the time. I am now on page 100 and love Elizabeth Gilbert's writing. Her analogies are priceless. Also I brought paints and a canvas. Might be a bit hard since the iv is in my right arm. It's hard enough just typing. Maybe tomorrow. But yea, I am catching up on my blog and we all know that's the most important.

Shoot, I don't have my pictures.... This will never do. I can't tell the story without showing the goods! But look forward to 4th of July in Bear Lake, wake boarding in the biggest rain storm known to Riery Reservoir, and camping with my few fav friends. But even without those picturesI can let you in on a little secret. I am starting a new blog. A design blog. I keep looking at all these blogs where the ladies blog about beautiful things and beautiful places. They surround themselves with beauty, and it's their JOB! I want that. I can do that too I think. It might be harder living in rural Idaho, but I'm going to at least give it a go. I need your help. Please comment on things you like or maybe with ideas of something you would like to see. If I don't know you I would love to get to know you. Be a follower and help me get this thing started. As soon as I have the blog up and running I'll give you the link. As of now keep spreading the sunshine. I can't wait to join you in 32 hours