R for Relaxed

(R snoozen on our honeymoon road trip it Newport)

One thing Ryley has got going for him is relaxation.
Relaxation as in sleep. Well sure.
Ryley never stresses [besides his graphic design class, but that's impossible not to]
He is always, I mean always, up for a party.
He doesn't worry about what he has to get done. He'll do it later.
R loves chillen on our couch and watching movies. He could watch a movie a day at least
When his head hits the pillow at night he's dead to the world in 30 seconds flat.
[this makes bedtime convo frustrating or entertaining or both]
His calmness rubbs off on me.
When I'm worried about finishing something or being somewhere on time or R finishing his homework
R is always calm and he helps me wind down.
He gives me a hug.
He rubs my feet.
He forces me to lay by him and just be.
He's wonderful

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