A Much Needed Break

A trip to Newport always includes...

Many bike/longboard rides
[usually to the Wedge]

Pit stop on ride to eat at the Stuffed Surfer
[best breakfast around]
kimee + Jared

me + R

Sweet shots of all the surfers rocken the waves

always collecting sea shells along the way....

This year we experienced Santa Monica as well thanks to Jared + Kimee.
It was beautiful and so fun walking around on the pier with good music, good company, and great rides.
oh look there is something incredibly awesome and secretive over there!

Oh look I'm so strong I'm picking up the ferris wheel. Wow

My attempt to salvage an overexposed photo that I really wish turned out

This trip was relaxing and wonderful.
If definitely didn't last long enough.
I am grateful for all the time I had to spend with R
and also with Kimee + Jared.
I have decided vacations are needed every other week
At least



First off, I want to say thank you thank you thank you for all of you support. I write on my blog to clear no thoughts and have a minute but am always so uplifted and surprised at the support I get. It's a small thing, but I appreciate knowing that I have people backing me.

So lately, because of the schedule, or at least what I blame it on, I haven't been creative at all. This is a no buenos because my body and being runs on creativity. So as I was relaxing in front of the tv doing not much of anything tonight I decided to get off my back and take a sit in front of the computer. I'm so grateful I did because I was re.inspired tonight. By this lovely person. This lady is a wife, a mom, and a designer. She works hard and loves hard. I got the desire to create. Even though I'm beat down and can fall asleep in a mater of 15 seconds [R has timed me]. Hopefully I stick to it!

check out her art here



I swear every time I decide to set more goals and take my life in a certain direction something changes.....

So here I was at a new teacher meeting. I had to get a substitute for my class. [the first time that I have been gone from my classroom]. Kimmie [my only friend at Weber, she's the jewelry teacher] and I were at the district office for the morning learning about different teaching strategies. It was the first really cold day of the year and it was Friday and I was so done with the week. On the way back to my classroom to finish up teaching for the second half of the day I get a text message from the principal telling me to come talk to him as soon as I got back to school. Ummmm even though I'm not a student it still made me nervous to have to principal text me. It honestly felt like a cop just flipped around behind me. Ohhh I hate that feeling.

So I get to the school and Velden comes and tells me he let the dance coach go and that he would like Morgan and I to take over. Now people who don't know dance let me fill you in on what it entails. 18 hours of practice each week. That's every morning at 6 am, 2 nights a week for 4 hours, and Saturday mornings from 8-12. This doesn't count competitions, cutting music, choreography, fund raisers, football + basketball games, costumes, parents, parents, parents..... Let me just tell you. It's a lot. A whole lot. My first thought was to scream NO NO NO! I can't. I''m too tiard! I don't know what I'm doing! But I didn't. I said yes. I said yes because I knew that the girls needed us. Not that we are all amazing, but because we have a slight clue on what's going on and we have competition in 6 weeks. Yikes!

I have only been a coach for 12 days. I am already exhausted. I have already felt every emotion at least 100 times. I have already spent 14 hours straight locked up in my windowless school dancing, teaching, dancing. I go to school when it's dark. I leave when it's dark. Yes, it has been so hard. Harder than teaching. I am both mentally and physically drained to the bone. But I would be lying if I didn't like [on my way to love] it. In 12 days I have already learned so much about being a coach. About motivating people. About how to treat people in general. Morgan and I are in a tough spot. The girls have so much to accomplish before competition, and what they know falls on our shoulders. We have had to crack down hard on them. They run laps if they talk. They run if they're late. We push them every day to perfect and clean each dance. I've been worried that they were going to hate us. They haven't. They are working so hard and they have such great attitudes. They make me want to work harder for them. They make me want to be a more positive person.

I know I have so much to learn about dancing and coaching and teaching. I know that these next 3 months are going to be so hard. I will be so tired and stressed and I'm sure I'll want to quit at least once a week, probably more. But I won't. I might not be around to blog. I might not get to work on my art and my individual passions. I may not get to spend all my time with R. But I know I'll learn and grow. And I hope hope hope that I will be able to make a few girls lives better as well. When we moved to Ogden neither of us really wanted to be here. I knew that I was supposed to take the job and I did. Every day I have been trying to be positive and to figure out why I'm supposed to be here. Maybe this is the reason. Maybe I'll be able to make a difference with these girls. Maybe it will teach me what I need to learn to prepare myself for whats to come. I'm not sure. I will probably never be sure. I do know that I'm going to try my hardest and see what happens. Who knows how much I'll be blogging. Who knows how much of anything I'll be doing but teaching and dancing. I'll try hard to update because I could use the support!


are you for reals?

Today was lame.
From Tuesday to Thursday
the weather dropped 40 degrees. 40!
Monday I wore shorts and sandals.
Today I wore 3 shirts and a leather jacket all day.
Boots are coming out.
Rainbows go to the shelf.
I'm looking forward to another 7 months of cold feet!

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not a winter hater.
I love snow and skiing and layers.
I do not however liked to be introduced so abruptly.
I guess I better embrace winter soon.


Date Night

I put one of my goals to good use this past Saturday night.
R went off to the priesthood session for our church.
I told R I would have a surprise for him when he got home.
When he left I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do.
We just looked at movies and there were none we wanted to see.
We don't have friends here so that's out of the question.
I didn't feel liked getting dressed up so scratch going out.
I didn't want to be lame and watch a movie.
But watching a movie is a sweet tent is just plain awesome.

It ended up being such a fun night.
R's face lit up when he opened the door and saw our living room
transformed into an awesome tent with his favorite snack out and ready to eat.
Here is all you need.

1 bed sheet, 2 hockey sticks, 3 chairs
lots and lots of blankets and pillows

Pick your loves favorite snack foods you don't usually eat.
R has been dying for cheese curds so I peddled down to Smith's and snagged some.
I also made the most delicious brownies that somehow disappeared in 24 hours. Weird.
I have both of these yummy treats on my pinterest. Go check em out.

fresh mozzarella, yellow squeaky cheese, and fresh from the garden tomatoes.

I did add some heated massage oil and one of the movies R has been dying to see. It was good to run him down and spoil him a little. Usually I'm the one who is being spoiled and it was nice for both of us to be on the other end.

It was such a fun date. It's weird how a little tent can mix up the norm and make a movie and treats so exciting.


lofty goals

This weekend I was lucky enough to be enriched for 8 great hours.
I was uplifted and enriched and I will be honest,
I got a good little nap in there at one point.
Besides all that I did get a good date night/day in with R too.
There's always time for R...

Because I was so uplifted this weekend,
last night I decided to write down some weekly goals.
I tried to touch on all areas of my life.
Living a happy life is living a balanced life. Therefore I need work in all areas.
Some goals are a bit lofty for me.
Others I'm already doing,
but figured with the extra busy from the other goals I should put them in and keep up the good work.

I'm sharing my goals
1. to inspire any of you who feel like you need a life lift,
2. Mostly because I feel that if I share my goals with the world that I'll actually get er done!

1. Read scriptures + pray with R 6 times a week
2. At least 1 personal spiritual study time a week
3. Complete at least 1 project each week to turn our apartment into home
4. Do 1 creative thing a week [besides #3] This is for my sanity
5. cook 1 great meal a week [make enough for leftovers]
6. Plan 1 cheap + fun date each week
7. Exercise 4 times a week
8. Less tv! [disclaimer: it's so HARD not to cuddle up to R as he unwinds in front of the tv each night. I'm asking all of you what YOU do? Do you spent time with you hubby even when he is watching tv or do you just go do something else enlightening that you like? I can never decide what to do. Love my man and lay on the couch for a few hours or ditch your love and do something productive? help.

If you have read this post you deserve a treat. Which is exactly what you will get if you check out this random/amazingly funny video. R showed it to me and I laughed so hard. Can I just say it reminded me of me bro-in-law Hayden!


Peach Pie

We have a million Utah peaches
They are all ripe and ready
We have absolutely no idea what we are going to do with them.

I did manage to make a few peach pies
which we have been handing out
to the few people we know in Ogden.

If you have a million peaches that will be gone soon
Use this super easy and super yummy recipe and make
a pie that will make you stop craving chocolate.

What you need
cool whip

First, pull that cool whip out of the freezer and let it thaw. You want it cold, but not frozen.
Peel and cut up 5-7 peaches [depending on size]
Count out 40 marshmallows and pop them in the microwave until they get soft of puffy. [1-2 min]
Mix your cool [but not frozen] cool whip in with the marshmallows.
[if it is frozen the consistency might be too runny and won't set up]
Throw your peaches in and mix in.
Pour the mixture into you pie crust [I use the store made ones]
Get it looking pretty and set in your fridge to set up.
Thats it! I told you it was easy!

The only thing that could possibly mess things up is if your cool whip is too frozen and mixes funny with the warm mallows. Even if that happens and it doesn't quite set up it is still delicious!