go pro fools

It finally happened. We got a Go Pro. And we LOVE it!
This beautiful little video/photo camera that can attach to helmets, longboards, any boards, and basically anything imaginable. We finally got to test it's magic is sunny Southern Utah.
This past week we got to take a work paid leave [my first ever!] and took off. The weekend was filled with an amazing art conference, long boarding, and hiking.
It was such a beautiful warm weekend. I forget how much sunshine makes me happy.
{It makes me almost as happy as Mr. R. Not quite. But almost.}
Hiking around with a 2 inch camera really brings out the random with R and I.
We have a million hilarious pictures and quite a few embarrassing videos that I may or may not showing. I'm counting down the days until we make it back for spring break.



This video blew my mind
This artisticly delicious video will make your day.


riden pretty

Guess what.
We FINALLY got a new car.
One that won't break down [hopefully]
when we take off on our adventures.
This is the newest + nicest car I've EVER owned
Needless to say we're pretty stoked!
We picked her up Wednesday and took off for St. George.
Super great weekend with a super great husband
and a super great car!


What is love?

I know Valentines day is past, but I can't get love off my mind.
I have been so lucky to have R as my best friend + husband.
As of late, {not that I haven't been a happy camper before}
I have been amazed at the love R shows for me and I for him.
It's a pretty amazing thing, love. By no means are we perfect.
We fight, we both get selfish. But somehow we work it out. We fix it.
And then we party. I have had so many happy days with this man.
I can only hope I get millions more.


My V is R

My sweet Valentine aka lover lips aka Ryley gave me the sweetest present for our love day.
A beautiful canvas photo of our wedding!
It's beautiful and sweet and I just heart it. I will post a picture just as soon as I find the perfect home for this work of art. My love gift was a little more lame. {R usually shows me up when it comes to cool gifts} I surprised him with a Matix hoodie in exchange for my picture. But the real surprise came for breakfast. I cooked up a little delicious surprise fully equipped with pink milk, red, heart-shaped eggs. *Sidenote: food coloring does NOT mix well with eggs and slightly makes your food look like it's bleeding! Eeek! Next to the sketchy eggs was placed some heart toast along with some bacon. I scattered lovely little love notes professing my undying love and devotion across the tray. And lastly, to add a little man to the morning, I placed his present next to his fork, which happened to be a manly knife. Which he happened to love because he is a man.

It was so much fun making those cards for R. On each card I wrote thing about Ryley that I love. I kept going and going because there are so many things I love about R. He is my sunshine and I am so lucky to call him mine. Happy love day!


life as I know it.

Folks, it's been a while. But I want you to know I'm back, I've slept for a week straight, and I am ready to go. Dance has slowed down. It's not over, but it is incredibly less stressful. February was the first time that I was actually able to do something I wanted to do [besides sleep all day Sunday]. It's crazy what a wonderful feeling it is to be able to do something fun. Do something selfish that is purely for my enjoyment. The past 2 weeks I have lazily watched tv without falling asleep within the first 2 minutes. I have started working out once again. [something my body has been in desperate need of] I have painted a canvas that has been sitting blank and lonely for almost an entire year. I got to take a weekend trip [I haven't had a weekend off since August] home to Idaho to see my family. And I haven't broken down into tears every night! [yea]

Looking back on my past 6 months of teaching at Weber high is good old Ogden, Utah I have been on such a roller coaster. I honestly don't even know how to explain the trip I've been on. It's not just leaving my home, my family, and my friends and coming to a new place that may not have been my first choice, to a scary new job, to an even scarier coaching position. It's the emotions and the lessons I've learned. I have pushed myself mentally, emotionally, and physically harder this year than ever before. I have never been so exhausted in my entire life. I have never been on the verge of tears so many days in a row. I have never learned so much either. I feel like I have learned so many life lessons. What's important. What isn't. What is worth stressing about. What should never be given a second thought.

I know there was a reason I came here and did what I did. I feel like it was a training ground for the post Rexburg bubble life training me to be able to handle and enjoy what's to come. These past months I have been able to enjoy my husband. We were forced to only spend time with each other [since we are now friendless in Ogden] We rely completely on each other. I could not have pulled it together this year if Ryley didn't listen to me vent. To force me to calm down and take a hot shower. If he wouldn't have hugged it out with me instead of yelled it out. It takes one strong man to deal with one mentally unstable woman.

Now the future looks bright. I am working 50 hours a week instead of 80. I actually am able to sign, and paint, and be happy. Ryley is graduated and working with a photographer he loves. We have lots of big ideas/plans for summer and for life. I make no guarantees, but you may find me in Alaska or California soon. Maybe neither. You may see me rolling up in a new [well newer] car. One that, cross your fingers, won't break down every other month. You may find me with a new job, or no job. Honestly I'm not quite sure, but I know whatever comes is gonna be good. I have spent the last 6 months stressed and unhappy and I am done with that. I am now on a strictly enjoy life policy. Regardless of where I am or what I am doing I am going to enjoy life. [if possible I would love to enjoy life by an ocean] I have a man I love more than life. I have a roof over my head. I have some pretty clothes to cover me, and enough love and blankets to keep me warm. I am done wishing for the future. I am ready to sit back and relax. [if you know me, you understand how hard this is for me to do. I'm an obsessive overachiever] Life will be happy if I live in Idaho or Hawaii. Life will be happy if I don't loose 10 pounds. Life will be happy because I choose to be happy.

Love Day Favorites

I hope everyones day of Love was happy and great.

Enjoy a few of my fav love cards I found....

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