We're off to Bear Lake
Our car is packed full.
And I couldn't be more excited!
Merry Christmas Eve


I can't wait to live somewhere warm and have this kind of Christmas tree. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our tree and loved chopping it down with my love
but there is just something so happy about this little guy

*Only 2 more days*

Nothing says Christmas like an ugly sweater

Remember when I posted my invitations to our Ugly Sweater Party? Well I have finally downloaded the pictures from the great event. It was so much fun. R and I are so lucky to have such great friends to party with in Rexburg.

Another shot of my amazing invitations. I did say I was going to do a tutorial on how I did it.... but it's the holidays and I just haven't had time. But I PROMISE that after the new year I'll get it done + also be a more exciting blogger again.

Here's me preparing some fabulous snacks for the event

Yummy yummy food + hot cocoa

Jeff + Sam
We're so happy they moved back to Rexburg and live 2 floors down

Levi + Laura rocking the turtle neck

Our favorite party member Mojo. Cutest dog ever.

They would be the "fancy Hampton's" being incredibly fancy with the matching sweaters + fancy expressions

The whole group
*All except Rachael + Dan who we still miss!*

Thank you everyone who came and shared the night with us.
Happy happy holidays.
Love R + C Shaum


Only 6 days til Christmas!
I can't wait!


Why are all these wreaths better than mine?

Ok so this year I really wanted to make a Christmas wreath for our door. Our poor apartment porch was looking so bleak and sad and I just wanted to spice it up. I will say I made an ok-ish wreath, but not so cute and original like these babies.
Well I guess I'll just have to make a happy winter wreath for January.


I feel a little silly blogging about another giveaway, but I really want to win something danget! This is a giveaway being done, again, by Daybook. But the winner get's a $50 gift card to The Thread Sence which looks like a very lovely little shop if I say so myself. So check it out. Or don't, but you know I did.

Coming soon...
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
I can't wait
Please take a long long look at the invitations.
They took a long time.
Tutorial coming soon


Happy Wednesday!
Have a beautiful day.


Ok everyone. My friend at the Daybook is doing a beautiful giveaway with Ruche who makes amazing things. Check out there beautiful stuff at ShopRuche.com


This is my next project. (besides being beautiful like this one) I am going to make this belt. Miss Emerson Made makes some amazing things that I totally wish I could buy, but since I don't have $300 to blow I decided to make my own. Go figure. Hopefully I'll be off to the leather store this weekend and with the help of R I should be able to master the Emerson belt. Thank you and good night.

Curtains curtains curtains

Ever since I bought beautiful grey curtains for our living room I have been a little obsessed with curtains and anything to do with them. I found these beauties and my fav place, Urban Outfitters, as always. I especially love the branches. I don't know why, but I have have an obsession with anything that resembles branches or birds. Hmmm. Who knows.

J. Crew Spring

I just saw some sneak peaks for J. Crew's Spring 2010 line.
What do you think?


Picture perfect?

Today was a sucky day. There, I said it. When I look on other people's blogs, or fb, or creepily watch others from a distance I feel like there lives are so great and happy and perfect, and I think hmmmmm I'm a little depressed. Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty great life. Great enough that I'm sure people envy me. ahhhem, ok maybe not, but my life is great. I have an amazing husband who still gives me the chills after a year and a half. I have amazing friends that make me laugh. I have a pretty house and I get the opportunity to make pretty things even now and then. But let me just say that other things aren't so glamorous like maybe being a college graduate waitress. Working 2 jobs to pay the rent and blah blah blah. I could talk for a while about the sucky things in my life, especially tonight. (*Allyx and Whittney would probably understand) But I want to focus on more happy things so I don't get more down. Instead I'm going to write a grateful/funny list of things that are going good. Please add to the list with happy things from your day!

1. Our Christmas tree is decorated and so HAPPY in our house.
2. Even better then a pretty Christmas tree is that it literally takes up our entire dining area and part of our living room.
3. I slept in with my honey until 9:45 am.
4. I worked out. (running stairs + circuit training) Hopefully getting rid of some of that Thanksgiving fat.
5. Getting out Christmas decorations
6. Catching up with a good friend
7. R drawing me a hot bath after a terrible day/night of work.
8. Not wrecking in all the snow.
9. Having it snow like crazy out. So beautiful.
10. My new beautiful grey Pottery Barn curtains!
11. Season passes at Targhee!


Christmas Tree Hunting

We have a Christmas tree. YEA! It's tradition in my family to go tree hunting the day after Thanksgiving. This year was a crazy adventure since the snow was up to R's belly button at least and sometimes it was up to his neck. No joke people. Can you imagine hiking up a mountain, sawing down a tree, and dragging it back with snow up to your pits? Yes R is amazing and I LOVE him so much for getting us a beauty.
*Disclaimer* I was all ready to go with him, but there was no where to pull our truck off the road due to the obscene amount of snow so I had to drive up and down the canyon until they came to the road. Pretty lame and boring but someone's got to have the easy lame job.

Check out our cutten' tools
R standing by the prize. Ours is the one on the right
Me and my Love


Missing my Luscious Locks

I'm having long hair withdrawals.
I know my hair hasn't been long for a year now....
but I'm to that really awkward stage
and it's driving me

I think I have at least another year to go.

Guess what. It was lots shorter than this, but I didn't have any good pictures. This is grown out pixie.

Thank you Justin Hackworth for your great talent.


Baby it's cold outside

R and I tried to go snowboarding today for Thanksgiving break, but the road were closed. Yes we are living in a blizzard in November! So since I can't party to R on the hill, I decided to make this a day for making this beautiful book I found here. Can't go wrong with a snow day!



I have recently decided that I have a crush on ruffles.
Urban Outfitters has helped me come to this conclusion.

Ok clearly this one doesn't have ruffles, but it was too great to pass by.

Part 3

This is a shout out to Ashley and Mckenzie for the birthday gifts. Ashley sent me these sweet yellow tights (it's hard to see in this light and angle, but they're great, trust me). And thank you Mckenzie for the owl necklace.
I love them both
But I love you both more.

Part 2

My husband, Ryley, knows how to make you feel like a million bucks on your birthday. First, I wake up in the morning to R singing me happy birthday while carrying in a gourmet breakfast in bed which included stuffed french toast, bacon, hash-browns, oj, and chocolate milk. Yum.

After school and work R took me to get my favorite food in Rexburg, a Millhallow turkey bacon sandwich. Some of you might think it's weird getting a sandwich for your bday dinner, but that's because you haven't tasted these juicy delicious Millhallow sandwiches.

And last, R blindfolded me and took me into a room full of all my favorite people and threw me a surprise pool party.He made me a beautiful 5 layered cake all by himself. He bought me a beautiful leather jacket that I've been drooling over forever. But mostly he made me feel like the happiest and most loved girl in the world.

Thank you everyone who came and spent the day with me. This goes down as best birthday ever.

Birthday Pool Party

Yes. My husband threw me a pool party for my birthday. Yes. My husband is the greatest. Yea. It was so much fun. And YES. We wish you were all there.

More coming soon...


Oh I can't wait

We did it. R and I decided to get season passes to Targhee Resort, and we are so excited! I can't wait to spend my weekend outside instead of cooped up in our apartment eating more junk food watching tv. (what I may or may not be doing this week.) Winter come. I don't even care anymore.


Babies babies babies

Back to my high school roots. It's crazy! 5 of my high school girl friends are pregnant! Lacey and I threw a little baby shower for them in a cabin on Bear Lake. It was so much fun getting back together with all of them since it's pretty impossible to all be together anymore.

The cup cakes looked amazing thanks to Leslie and Lynn

All 4 cute tummies

I wonder where we will all be in another 7 years...


The other weekend Ry + me + our friends went to my home town Paris, Idaho for a visit. It was so good to be home. There's something about the comforting lazy feeling of being home that makes it like no other place. We went on a little hike up Paris canyon. Don't worry, we all ended up in the river and freezing.


Birthday Wishing

It's getting close to my birthday again and I am just day dreaming of all the beautiful things I would love to have. Really if I could have Anthropologie dress me every day I would be the happiest girl in the world.

I want want want some colored tights, but am nervous to take the plunge. Do you think I could pull it off?

Oh this would look so good on my wrist!