Cinco de Mayo

I know it's almost over but....
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Such a great excuse to celebrate.
I ditched my class. It was way too nice to be inside [by that I mean 65 degrees ha]
I peddled my bike. R pushed his board
And we partied at the taco bus

While there we saw the cutest little hispanic boy with a sweet silver chain on. I couldn't resist sneakily taking his photo with my phone. I'm sure he knew what I was doing. The older men I took a picture definitely knew. I did it anyways. R was embarrassed.

*disclaimer* pictures taken with lame phone. Don't judge

Oh so delicious

Stay tuned for updates on tomorrows Seis de Mayo which we will be celebrating with the family. Pinata and all.
Ohhh can't wait


Madison Bradshaw said...

you make me happy!@

Rae said...

What? Where is this delicious taco truck you speak of?? I know it sucks to be in Rexburg still but it has gotten so much cooler since I was there!
That sounds like the perfect day. :) Aren't bike rides the best? I want you to come out here so we can ride bikes down the Hudson River. It's so fun.
And that little boy is the cutest.

kate said...

we love the taco bus!!! we live like .5 miles from it now and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me.