Viral Vomit

Ok this is going to be a new and exciting addition to my blog. Viral Vomit. This is a bit like verbal vomit, ya know, when words just keep pouring out of your mouth and you can't stop them and you definitely can't take them back. Yup, verbal vomit. [just ask R about his first veral "I love you" vomit with me. Very romantic]  Well, viral vomit is about the same thing. We all know every person is guilty for spending secret hours wasting our time watching people do stupid/awesome things on YouTube and then you finally look down at the clock and realize that 2 hours went by without even noticing. Well, we do that at lease once a day, probably by ourselves and then when we get together at night.

When we lived in Idaho and all our family would get together for Sunday dinner we would sit at the computer for at least an hour after dinner and watch video after video. Totally awesome. Since we don't get together with anyone to show off our great finds I have decided to make a verbal vomit section on my blog. Now here's the great thing. If you watch these and think, "I have something that is equally as awesome, or maybe even more awesome," send me a link and then I'll get to laugh and perhaps everyone else will too. Hope you enjoy the videos today.

This little baby is great. Noah rocks the song and I may like it better than the origional.

Now this is for teachers, and if you have a sense of humor. It was teachers appreciation week last week and this came out on Jimmy Kimmel. Now I dont usually feel this way, so please dont take offense and laugh.


Rachael said...

two things: oh. my. gosh. that teachers video just made my day (seriously, thank you. its been a very long day).
i love noah's version of sexy and i know it! what a great voice!

misssss you!

Rae said...

Absolutely love that first video and the second is hilarious!!!!