neon clutch

I've been working on this DIY project for over a year now. 
I know. Sad. 
Basically I've had it in my mind since last April to make my own clutch that was so in style last year...
One year later and I finally finished, just in time for something else to come in style. 
I found my last years inspiration over here. Check it out. Beautiful person and blog.
And check out that clutch. Don't you just have to have one after seeing it?

So last summer I went to a leather store in Idaho Falls and picked up some scrap leather to make my own clutch. Then 6 months later I finally busted out the sewing machine and got it done. If you want to make your own jump over here for a tutorial on just how to do that. 
When it was just brown I was told a few times that it looked like one of those old chalk bags that you used in Elementary school or at church. Then my dear grandma at dinner last night told me it looked like a money bag they used at their grocery store. I decided it was time for a little make-over.

First off, sorry for the not-so-good photos. I took the pictures with my phone because 
R had the camera on a job. Hopefully you get the point. 
Here are a few tips if you want to snazzy up one of your own bags or clutches.

1.  Use good tape to create a straight line to paint with. Make sure to get all sides taped. I used Frog tape from the Home Depot but masking tape would probably work as well as long as you have it on tight.
2. If you don't already have paint lying around to use {I did from my dresser so I made good use out of it} I would suggest going to a craft store and buying nicer acrylic paint. The nicer the paint you use the less coats you will have to put on. I just used a gloss wall paint. I personally think that using a gloss instead of a matt paint would be better, but it's up to you. 
3. Once you have everything taped off the go for it! I had to do about 5-7 coats of paint this my clutch. I got sick of waiting for each layer to dry so I busted out my hair dryer and sped up the process. 

And it's just that easy. I love how mine looks with the bright neon yellow that looks slightly green and lame in my photos. I promise, it's way better in real life. 

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Ashley Aikele said...

Oooo!I love the neon that you added. Good choice!