It's a race

Today was a good day. Not much new. Nothing amazing. Just a warm day spent with R.
We wanted to be outside, but since we don't have a yard of our own we made our way to Ryley's grandpa's barn. [ps can I just say that I am dying for a yard of our own. Even more than wanting our own house I want a yard, with a hammock and a garden and pretty flowers and a place to just relax] Barn meaning beautiful yard and garden of veggies and flowers with horses and trees and lounging chairs. Yes please. Of course R found some little 90 cc's that he challenged me to race. Obviously I couldn't turn him down. We made the course. It looped around trees and through fields and around the barn. I had to ride standing up to throw my weight into the turns so I could keep up my speed. I had to beat Ryley. He always beats me. Always. In everything. It gets annoying, but I guess today was my day because I won. 46 seconds to 48. Best. Day. Ever.

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