R and I found an old school photo booth on our Saturday night day. Yea}

The school year is almost over. I'm 6 days aways from completing my first year as a teacher. It feels sooooo good. This has been one challenging year. New state. New city. New school. New subject. New dance coach. New life. I have worked my booty off. I have stressed my booty off. But I am in a happy place. I feel confident and good about where I'm at this day, this hour. {who knows where I'll be tomorrow}

The past few days I have been correcting my student's photography finals. They had to write a paper with their project and reflect on how their images represented them. Now usually when I assign writing assignments I get a lot of blah blah blah I'm trying to fill the page. And I did get some of that, but I also got some great stuff. I was inspired. So many of these high schoolers wrote about life and it's meaning to them personally. Their messages were about living life and not watching it go bye. Not getting caught up in things that don't matter and focus on family and friends and fullilling your dreams instead of watching your life go by. They wrote about having no regrets and making your dreams happen.

One student wrote on faith. She said, " Without faith what do we have to live for? Not just faith in a God, but faith in what the next day will bring. Faith that you will e able tolive another day. Faith that when someone you love is hurt that they will be ok. Faith that when a loved one dies that you might just be able to see them again. Faith, live with it." 

I was able to read these thoughts all day and it was awesome. I feel like it renewed my life goals and priorities. It made me realize that it's worth it to stress over what time dance practice starts and if R didn't wash any of his dishes. I have life. I have a love that makes my life worth living every day. I have so many great things and I choose to live my life dwelling on all that I have and love instead of what slipped away or will never be. I am so greatful to be plain, mediocre me.


Rae said...

Loved this post and love you. And I really love what that student wrote, thank you for sharing. I think projects like this would be so cool to read as a teacher, really getting into the minds of those students. They have so much to offer.
I adore you Chels, so much. I simply cannot wait to see you in two weeks!
I have to disagree with you on one thing though, you are anything but plain and mediocre. You are so lovely, wonderful, and extraordinary.

Brittany said...

wow that would be so awesome to read all of their papers! great post, made me think about my life too :)