R and I took a little weekend getaway to Bear Lake. 
I love driving through the canyon and coming around the corner
to see the lake in full view. It calms my crazy head.
We drove up for a goodbye party for one of my close high school friends. 
They're moving away to dental school far far away. 
Kaydi threw a big Cinco De Mayo party for them. 
I love the fact that even though it's been years
and we have completely changed [hopefully]
that we are all still friends. Even if we don't chat on the phone every week
or get together once a month, we are still happy and pick up where we left off. 
We understand each other. We know each other. I mean we grew up toilet papering houses and giggling at all night slumber parties.
We know each others families and they know my story. 
They know my dad. They went through my hardest years and stood by my side. 
Even if we don't talk for another 20 years it won't be awkward. 
They're my friends. And good friends never leave. 

ps. We are going to be spending a lot of time in Bear Lake this summer. 
Can't wait! 

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Rae said...

Those friends are the very best, so happy you and I fall into that same description. Always always pick up like we just saw each other the day before and there's zero awkwardness. And so fun that we lived together during some crazy college years. :)