happy birthday love

It's R's birthday today and I figured he needed a little shout out.
I love to celebrate people's birthday's, especially Ryley's. 1. because I love him most and
2. he loves his birthday and I think it's so cute.
I love having a reason to decorate and buy presents and plan parties. love it.
I also love husbands and marriage and best friends so it just makes for a great day.
{but all of that will come on later posts, after all the fun has been had}

Today I wanted to talk about Ryley.
I am truly a luck person to have this man in my life.
Here are a few personals about my man that you may like to know...

When Ryley was little his nick name was Dennis the Menace because he was everywhere. My favorite story is when he was being baby sat. Ryley was being naughty and so the baby sitter sent him to his room. Ryley, I think being around 3 or 4 wanted to get back at her. So he opened his window to make it look like he had escaped and then he emptied his toy box, crawled in with his favorite blanket, put toys on top of him, and closed the lid. A few minutes later the baby sitter came in to find little Ryley only to discover that he was gone. She freaked out and searched everywhere. Finally she had to call his parents. This whole time Ryley stayed in his toy box. He had fallen asleep and his mom came home and found him passed out under all of his toys. Seriously, who does that? So cute, and yet I'm a little scared to have our own little Ryley's.

Favorite food  is Chinese. We drive 20 minutes at least once a week to get our favorite Golden Jade melt-it-your-mouth Schezwan chicken. Ahhh so amazing.

R's job or future job is going to be in graphic design and photography. R just finished college and is looking for a solid job. He is incredibly talented. I love watching him work [I admit, it some times stresses me out too] because his thought process and ideas are completely different than mine. I never know what he's thinking or how he's going to solve the problem, but he always does. [if you need a logo or any graphic design work done let me know. He's your man]

Ryley hates pasta because it's mushy, or so he says. [he's hated it ever since he was little when forced to eat it, no fault of his parents, he's just that stubborn to hate it forever after being forced] But he LOVES to mush up grahm crackers with milk, loves cake with milk, loves oatmeal. All mushy foods. Do I understand this? No. Do I tease him about it? Of course.

Ryley's hair has been getting longer and longer as you have seen if you've kept up on my spastic blogging. His newest goal is to not cut it until Hayden, his little bro, comes home from Chili next year. Ha. I'll love it/laugh if he does. Secretly I know he wants to keep it long for our trips this summer so the sun will bleach out his golden locks and he'll become even more sexy than he already is.

One last fact. R loves sci-fi movies. Loves them.  Any movie that has crazy creatures, or space, or time travel, or anything just plain weird he loves. I'm still trying to cope with this one, but I definitely get a new flavor of films now that I'm married!

Seriously I am such a happy and lucky person. I am truly blessed to have this man in my life. He is my home. I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you      


Rachael said...

Happy birthday Ryley! You guys are seriously, AWESOME!!

Ashley Aikele said...

Oh Ryley....haha. Did you know that I wanted to marry Ry when I was little? Yep he was just THAT great, menace and all. Happy Birthday Ry!