go pro fools

It finally happened. We got a Go Pro. And we LOVE it!
This beautiful little video/photo camera that can attach to helmets, longboards, any boards, and basically anything imaginable. We finally got to test it's magic is sunny Southern Utah.
This past week we got to take a work paid leave [my first ever!] and took off. The weekend was filled with an amazing art conference, long boarding, and hiking.
It was such a beautiful warm weekend. I forget how much sunshine makes me happy.
{It makes me almost as happy as Mr. R. Not quite. But almost.}
Hiking around with a 2 inch camera really brings out the random with R and I.
We have a million hilarious pictures and quite a few embarrassing videos that I may or may not showing. I'm counting down the days until we make it back for spring break.


Rachael said...

Doood! That is so ridiculously awesome. Make some sweet longboarding videos. My heart hurts because I miss all you guys so much

chelse said...

I just printed that pic of us all up at Targhee boarding and it makes he happy/sad every time i see it!

Brissa said...

southern utah is amazing. this camera sounds amazing. now i want onnnnnne.

Rae said...

Sometimes when I'm walking somewhere I'll purposely walk on the side of the street that has the sunshine (so many shadows with such tall buildings, it's hard to get sunshine unless you're in a park or neighborhoods with shorter buildings.) I find myself thinking, "I'm chasing sunshine." And it always makes me think of you.
Miss you.

Madison Ellingson said...

so fun! i love your pics! that is sweet you were down in so. ut! so pretty!