Isn't March spring?

Isn't March supposed to be the start of spring?
I swear Utah and Idaho get everything backwards.
In January and February the skies were blue.
We were rocken' the 40s and sometimes even the 50s.
As soon as we hit March. BAM. Gone.
As soon as I start shopping for swimsuits, and buying pretty
little sandals. As soon as I start dreaming of sunshine, and
shorts, and road trips, and oceans our good karma is gone.
When I take a peek through my little grey curtains all I see
is snow. Crazy horizontal snow that makes you feel like you're
in a Star Wars movie traveling at the speed of light.
The kind of snow and cold that leaves an inch of ice in your
high school teachers parking lot. That as you are trying to run inside as
fast as possible you slip and slide and flail your body before landing on the ground
completely undignified as your students stare awkwardly.
Yes. It happened.
Needless to say I'm sick of thick sweats and layering my socks.
I'm sick of shirts, with sweaters, and coats, with scarves and gloves.
Spring I NEED you!


Jules said...

By the way, YES we moved to Portland. And we were having a warm winter too! It's just been these past two days that we suddenly have snow. And snow in Oregon is more like tiny icicles hitting your face all the time. Just awful.

McKenzie said...

hear hear.

Rae said...

Those socks look SO cozy. I want a pair.
I hear March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. Hopefully it'll go quickly for you.
You're not making visiting sound too appealing though. YIKES! But I would go anywhere to see you. :)

Kell said...

March is my winter-denial month. I pretty much just start wearing my spring clothes even if it's freezing out. Happens to me every year..