What is love?

I know Valentines day is past, but I can't get love off my mind.
I have been so lucky to have R as my best friend + husband.
As of late, {not that I haven't been a happy camper before}
I have been amazed at the love R shows for me and I for him.
It's a pretty amazing thing, love. By no means are we perfect.
We fight, we both get selfish. But somehow we work it out. We fix it.
And then we party. I have had so many happy days with this man.
I can only hope I get millions more.


Rae said...

You guys are so lucky you found each other.

PS I taught a lesson in RS on Sunday on showing love through actions and I tried to find this video everywhere but couldn't. BLAST!

Jenaca and Stephen said...

I loved this post and video.... so so cute!

Kell said...

I love that video so much!