My V is R

My sweet Valentine aka lover lips aka Ryley gave me the sweetest present for our love day.
A beautiful canvas photo of our wedding!
It's beautiful and sweet and I just heart it. I will post a picture just as soon as I find the perfect home for this work of art. My love gift was a little more lame. {R usually shows me up when it comes to cool gifts} I surprised him with a Matix hoodie in exchange for my picture. But the real surprise came for breakfast. I cooked up a little delicious surprise fully equipped with pink milk, red, heart-shaped eggs. *Sidenote: food coloring does NOT mix well with eggs and slightly makes your food look like it's bleeding! Eeek! Next to the sketchy eggs was placed some heart toast along with some bacon. I scattered lovely little love notes professing my undying love and devotion across the tray. And lastly, to add a little man to the morning, I placed his present next to his fork, which happened to be a manly knife. Which he happened to love because he is a man.

It was so much fun making those cards for R. On each card I wrote thing about Ryley that I love. I kept going and going because there are so many things I love about R. He is my sunshine and I am so lucky to call him mine. Happy love day!


Rachael said...

cuuuute! love you guys!

Jules said...

Hey thanks for the sweet comment on my blog - we miss you guys too! It seems like our awesome gang in Rexburg was such a fluke - ain't no gang where we are now, boo.

And I'm very excited for you to post this wedding canvas photo!