riden pretty

Guess what.
We FINALLY got a new car.
One that won't break down [hopefully]
when we take off on our adventures.
This is the newest + nicest car I've EVER owned
Needless to say we're pretty stoked!
We picked her up Wednesday and took off for St. George.
Super great weekend with a super great husband
and a super great car!


Jules said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Seve and I got a new car this year too and I about cried (died) of happiness because of that whole newest + nicest car I've ever owned thing. And a Subaru! Awesome!

McKenzie said...

Yay! You got the Subaru! Was that the one you were talking about?

Amy Johnson said...

Wowza! Totally jealous.

Rachael said...

So so so absolutely jealous. That's my dream car! Congrats guys, that rad!

Rae said...

Congrats Chels!