Summer Bucket List

I've said this before but, I love lists. I have about 4 lists I've been writing slash crossing off the past few days. My favorite list being R + my summer bucket list. I've decided to share.

Bike rides
Longboard [work on my front slide and master before fall]
Golfing [more like the driving range]
Fishing in the dark with R [so different than day fishing]
Canoe ride
Eat at all the food wagons around Rexburg like taco wagon, teriyaki wagon, Greek wagon, Pacific Island wagon ect ect ect
Get snowies
Bridge Jumping
Wake board lots and lots
Camping with friends and also with just my R
Pick asparagus
Huckleberry picking
Spend time in Bear Lake
Read many lovely books
Shooting [more R than me, but it should be fun]
Take pretty pictures [but really, better my photo skills]
Go to the fair and eat tons and tons of greasy fattening fair food!
Skinny dip
Midnight bike rides
BBQ [and actually do the grilling instead of R]
Outside dinner party
Road trip to Newport Beach
Take a nap in a hammock. Does anyone have a hammock I can borrow???
Go see the BODIES exhibit
Plant a garden and eat yummy veggies
Swim somewhere with water slides and diving boards [actually hard to find in Idaho]
Go to a outdoor concert. Preferably John Butler in August in I can convince R...
Drive in movies
Hike the Tetons
Hike somewhere in Southern Utah
See an many friends as possible
Be outside as much as possible
Relax and smile definitely as much as possible

So what's on your summer bucket list?
Any other good ideas for me?


Rae said...

I LOVE this list.
Fishing in the dark sounds scary!
I can't believe Rexburg has so many food trucks. That place has seriously upgraded.
Oh bridge jumping....so Rexburg. :)
Jealous that you get to wake board a lot. I've never had any good friends who have a boat. :(
Yum, asparagus!
Skinny dipping is so fun! Remember when we went at Newport Beach on a very crowded Saturday? Hahaha, so much fun. :)
The BODIES exhibit is awesome!!
I hope to see you!!!!!!

McKenzie said...

Can we come?!?!? This sounds amazing!

michelle said...

So fun! I love all your night ideas...does anything get better than summer nights? I also love fatty fair food!