california trip: part 1

I have finally uploaded some of the pictures of our trip to California to celebrate our grandpa Gill's life. Despite the mournings, it was beautiful and it was definitely a blessing to see all our family.

Newport Beach 32nd street

R climbed clear to the end of the jetty where the waves were getting him

My lovely sister Brooke handing out the flowers we were to throw into the ocean during the scattering of the ashes

R + me waiting on the jetty

Shayla + Todd [brother + sister/in/law]

cute little Gabby showing me her pink flower

My mother + her 2 sisters had went out on a boat to scatter Grandpa's ashes. We stood on the jetty and threw out our flowers in loving memory.


Ashley Aikele said...

This bottom picture is awesome (my fav!). Sorry again about your grandpa. I am so glad that you could all be together though.

chelse said...

R did a pano of everyone. It's one of my fav's too. And thanks...

Rae said...

What a sweet post. That last photo would make your grandpa so happy.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh Chelse, this looks like the most amazing tribute to your grandpa. the day couldn't have shone any brighter for you all, what a gathering of love to embrace and be soothed by. Gabby's little face is something i could stare at all day. your family is obviously very close and i thank you for sharing something this intimate. many blessings.

i loved your gratefuls post too, so wonderful and the hair growth thing is something i totally relate to. cheers for longer locks!!! ♥