organize me please

I would love my inspiration board to look as neat and pretty as this

I love the different twist on a bulletin board.

genius calendar idea

Today I had a beautiful though pop into my head.
But first, the preface....

Here I am. Loving to make lists. Loving to have things organized.
Here Ryley is. Hating lists and is not so worried about order.
During our little family home evening last night both R and I discussed how we could be more organized with school and finances and well, life. R is having a hard time remembering what is due each day in his oh so many classes. Thus I, the lover of lists, asked if maybe we could make a school calendar to help him know what he has to accomplish each day and not just see a million projects due and become overwhelmed and peace out before he can even start.

Today I went a bought a big slice of butcher paper. I decided to make a massive calendar taking up one of our bare walls. { fyi it's yellow wich =s happy } While I was cutting the paper down to size I remember this sweet picture R bought from a thrift store with a metal frame around it. The painting is 6 feet x 6 feet. Huge. Well it's not the best photo and I couldn't paint over it so I decided to tape the butcher paper to the painting to frame our ginourmous calendar.

Then the light bulb.
I thought what if I make a massive magnetic board in which we can put a massive calendar, homework, inspiration, love notes, and whatever we fancy. Such a brilliant idea! I'm actually pretty stoked because everyone would love a massive magnet board... right? Well maybe I shouldn't say that until it's finished. Which will hopefully be sooner than later.


Paige said...

I am also in the market for a magnet board. Turns out the way I want to do it isn't super cheap. Are you doing metal or magnetic paint. I haven't heard great things about the paint but if you use it and like it let me know!

Rae said...

Can't wait to see a pic. :)