Grateful Lady

1. It's warm! This is the first week where I have actually used my air conditioner! I thought this day would never come!
2. I'm back home with my man and living a boring life. [which seems weird to be grateful for, but sometimes you just need boring..... with your favorite person]
3. I made some money this week which is always good to be making instead of spending.
4. R and I play tennis. so so fun. We are both terrible, but I'm optimistic we will be amazing by September.
5. My hair is getting longer people! I've been waiting for this day!
6. I'm reading an intriguing book that is taking up my time. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's been out forever, but I'm just getting to it. There is nothing better than lounging outside in the sun, sipping something yummy, and reading, [thanks mom, it was a good day yesterday]
7. I FINALLY planted my mixed lettuce in a pot where I will water it and talk to it until it grows us lots of yummy greens to eat. [I plant my garden in a pot. One day I will own a house with a lovely garden in the earth. One day...]
8. I'm sitting next to my favorite person, aka R, aka husband. He makes me smile.
9. My house is not clean. [that part really isn't happy but this next part is -->] I don't plan on cleaning it until Monday. I'm going to enjoy this weekend!
10. R + I finally made our "summer bucket list" and we have been crossing off things left and right. I plan to cross off a few more this weekend. Oh summer is so wonderful.


Rae said...

Yay! I like this list. And I think you should post your bucket list. Bucket lists are the best.
This Sunday I plan to take a blanket to the park and read The Help. It would only be better if you were there reading w/ me.
I'm your second favorite person, right?

chelse said...

You are most def my second favorite person! And The Help is such a good book! I heard you saying that you + Amy were so excited to see the movie. I might just have to fly over and watch it with you!

chelse said...
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Rae said...