Home again. Home again.
I'm FINALLY home after 2 long weeks.
I'm in my baggy sweats.
R is doing homework.
I'm making a book.
Life is good.

We returned home last night from sunny California
where we went to my grandpa's funeral.
I saw cousins I haven't seen for 10 years.
I played with brother + sisters + nieces + nephews
that I normally get to see only once or twice a year.
We got together to celebrate our amazing grandpa.
I just wish he could have taken part in the celebrating as well.
He probably is in heaven.
91 years is a long time to be on earth.

You're probably wondering why I posted a picture of me
acting like I'm all "Vogue" and such.
Well the day we left for CA I got to help a friend with a photo assignment.
She did such an amazing job, because.... I don't really look like that.
Seriously. I keep looking at the picture wishing I really looked like that.
Anyways, she's amazing.
Kiersten Sterling deserves a shout out.
Look her up.
She'll make you look pretty.


Rae said...

You are gorg and totally look like that!

Jules said...

You look super hot-momma in that pic. We missed you guys at McKenzie's party! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa, let me know if you need some girl time or anything.

Kiersten Sterling said...

I am the Photographer, and I just wanted to say She DOES look like that :) Beautiful! Thanks again Chelse :)

michelle said...

It looks just like you! You always look this pretty!