come home to say goodbye

I got home late last night.
Girls week was great.
I got to know my newest family much better
We laid out, we hiked, we shopped,
Mostly we laughed

I did have some bad news that I found out while there
My grandpa passed
I am going to miss him so much
But he's happy and not hurting which makes me happy.
I'm waiting for R to get out of school
We are headed to CA today
It's now time for the Matthews family
I am excited to get there and celebrate such a full life
I hope when I die I have this many people to celebrate mine

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Rae said...

Chels this brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like from the way you put things he was sick? I had no idea. :( This news breaks my little heart, as I have fond memories of your grandpa and his house. He was so sweet. I'm happy to hear it sounds like it was for the best though.