Welcome welcome 2011!
Wow I can't believe the new year is already here.
Looking back on the year it somehow seems like it flew by,
but also like we did about a million things. But instead of
looking in the past, I was to look into the future with perhaps
a few goal. Maybe if I post them I'll actually try harder
to stick to them. Maybe....

Here they are all in a row...

help R graduate and move somewhere happy and *sunny*
stay healthy by exercising all year and eating less candy (my vice)
find a big kid job doing something I love - art of course
make R better dinners and less pb&j's
trying to be the care free girl I once was: - stress + laughing
morning + evening family & individual prayers
be more brave
become a legit professional blogger. (so never stop reading)

I have about a million other things I need to fix about myself, but I figure I'll start here and if I'm perfect by June I'll add some more. ha ha. Ya right.

... and just a little fyi, this is a sneak peak of our Matthews family photos that R took and did such a great job! Hopefully we'll get some chosen and posted soon.


Rachael and Dan said...

Great picture! You guys look great. I seriously miss you! Come to Ohio??

Rachael and Dan said...

Ps. When does Ryley graduate? Are you guys gonna be there next Christmas bc me and Dan are!

chelse said...

oh oh oh I miss you too! Seriously I miss your dirty comments! ha But R graduates in July... hopefully. But don't you worry it's our turn for Christmas in Rexburg next year so we'll definitely have to get together, but we better see each other before then!

Julie M. said...

What great resolutions! I need to figure out what to focus on, I feel like I have SO much to work on. Great pic, who took it?! :) I will love you forever (not that I already don't, but ya know) if you send me a copy of all the pictures, even the outtakes!

Amber said...

I love your picture and your goals. I wish you the best... I totally hear you about BL. It is such a bubble... A good bubble.

michelle said...

CUTE PICTURE! I love the colors and i love all your goals! It makes me think ..ummm i could forsure work on some of those things too!