My hometown Paris

I love going home to visit.
It feels like forever since I've lived there as the crazy tom-boy girl with zero worries who didn't have a clue who Louis Vuitton was, who had never owned a pair of heels, and who could beat up any girl and most boys. Wow have things changed.
Sometimes I'm sad they have.
But I can always count on Paris staying the same.

This is my lovely lovely home.
You can't tell but it's the
Yellow brick house of happiness!


Ashley said...

Love Love Love the second picture. Can't wait till I go to Paris!

Whittney and Ryan said...

GREAT pictures! miss you!

Julie M. said...

I would LOVE some of these, too! What a great idea!!

Amber said...

So great!

Tyann and Aaron Boutilier said...

Oh my gosh! I don't think I've seen Paris since I was...12! Great pictures. And your house, do you remember trying to do Tae Bo downstairs and we couldn't get through any of it because we were laughing so hard? Haha, good times!

Madison Bradshaw said...

love these pics chels! you are wonderful!

Rae said...

Great photos Chels. I'm so happy I was able to go home with you that one time!