Matthews family pictures

Here is the entire Matthews family (except dad)
Everyone did such an awesome job being a good sport and looking warm. These pictures were taken in 12 degree weather and everyone was freezing! Thank you so much Ryley for taking all these pictures. You are the best. Also, we have a million more photos, but we couldn't post them all. If you want the files just give me a call and we'll figure out a way to send them. I'm trying to put them on Shutterfly, but they won't be a very high resolution (but that only matters if you are printing a big size)
Let me know what you all think

* Brooke and Matt*
We didn't have family pictures of you. I'm hoping we took them on your camera. We didn't want you to be left out!


Julie M. said...

We look like rejects in the adults one! haha! They look great, nice work!

chelse said...

I know we tried to edit you guys closer but the lines didn't match up that good in the back! ha ha oh well right

Rae said...

Okay, wow. So many thoughts. First off, HOW is every kid in that first shot looking at the camera???? Seriously, that's impossible when there's like, 3 kids, let alone a million!
Also, your mom as a brunette? Yowza! Way to go Glenda. What a hottie.
I can't believe how old your nieces and nephews are getting, especially little Kenny! I remember he was just a little bebe when we were living together, but I guess that makes sense because I think he's the same age as my nephew Ryan, who is so grown up now.
AND, I can't believe it was 12 degrees. It doesn't look like you guys are cold at all. That's awesome. The Matthews' (how do you pluralize that?) are such troopers! Also, amazing the kids are all looking at the camera considering how cold it is!
Great shots! I can feel your dad's presence in the photos just from all the love. :)

Rachael and Dan said...

great pics ryley!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

wow, what an amazing family!!!! so huge, i love it. always wished i came from a big one like that, especially with little kiddos running around. must be the best thing ever to live it for real.

thank so much for visiting me lades, i'm having such a good time looking around at everything here.