Fashion.... just sayen'

Ok people. I've been wanting to write about this for a while, but I somehow don't feel fashionable enough. I'm probably not, but I'm going to do it always. And to start off my little fashion spill I'm going to talk about all those fashion bloggers I see everywhere these days. Especially those girls who seem to maybe break 100 lbs. Who flaunt their fashion skinniness by wearing a shirt with a sweater on top and then a huge scarf and wrapping a belt around all of it to show off that even with all those clothes their waist is still 25 inches. Hmmmm could anyone else wear that outfit and not look ridiculously chubby..... NO! Don't get me wrong I think it's great that's their fashion style. To each their own (which is probably what most people think when they see me every day) But come on, if you're doing a fashion blog PLEASE don't just see how many clothes you can pile on and then belt it up! PLEASE! I'm sick of it.

But what am I going to do? Sit and complain? Maybe. But I figure maybe I'll start doing some of my fashion styles on here. I'm a little nervous because I'm not a magazine photogenic girl like these other bloggers, but oh well. Also, I'm going to focus on when you are walking down the road thinking you look pretty dang good, but then you see someone's style who you love and you feel like you just got blown out of the water. So then you go home and try to look like them, but it just isn't you and you feel like you look like a total goober so you take you clothes off and wear your pjs the rest of the day. I'm going to try (being the key word here) to see a style and change it to fit me and the clothes I already have. Thus I will feel pretty and comfortable, and R won't get mad about me spending all our money on shoes.

So stay tuned and you will witness Chelse's fashion part uno

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