Top 10

1. I just finished looking at my favorite person's blog, aka Rae from NY and looked at all her picture from her tips to London and Paris. I'm so excited for her!
2. My husband just brought me a glass of hot cocoa to warm my insides and hands. Thanks baby!
3. We went skiing + boarding at Targhee this weekend. Snow was great with even better company
4. I've been LOVING this new computer R + Santa gave me for Christmas. I'm loving not using a lap top all the time!
5. I went cross country skiing 2 times this week and decided it's my new obsession this winter.
6. We got our family pictures posted and every time I look at them I realize how amazing my family is.
7. I get to hang out with my husband all day long. (minus only 3 hours -Yea)
8. I got a great idea for another series of paintings that I'm going to start.... tomorrow
9. I'm already looking at swimsuits online. Some might think this depressing because it's only 2 degrees now, but it's got me daydreaming for the future.
10. This one is actually not a great thing, but can I just tell you that the number one thing I hate about winter and what I'm most excited for is not having a freezing toilet seat. I hate sitting down and wanting to die. Is this tmi? Maybe, but I just can't wait.


Julie M. said...

I agree on swimsuits...it just means warm weather is coming! I'm excited for you and your computer. And if you ever come this way, stop in Percival, Iowa (the middle of nowhere). They had THE nicest bathrooms with heated toilet seats. Awesome.

Rae said...

Aw, thanks Chels! :) Getting a little shoutout made me super happy. :)
I'm totally with you on the cold toilet seats, by the way!

michelle said...

hahah i love your number 10! i feel the same way....we warm our house with only a fire and it gets super cold! Love it! We need to plan a trip to Targhee!!!