Fashon: Take Uno

Ok everyone here it is. My first fashion post. I'm nervous so don't be too critical. So I found this picture on one of my favorite blogs and I decided this would be a good one to replicate. I'm in love with stripes and I only wish I needed glasses and that they looked like hers.
And this is my take on the style. I added a cardi, tights, and boots because it's freezing here, and I just love my yellow tights Ashley got me for my bday. I actually didn't have a white skirt as of yesterday, but I went to the thrift store and found one for $1.
Can't beat that.
shirt A&E $5, cardi Hollister $25, skirt thrift $1, tights gifted, boots Dillards $30

I also live in the tiny town of Rexburg, Idaho which leaves me with about zero places to shop. So you all just remember that and be even more amazed when I still come out with cute clothes!


Julie M. said...

I don't see any pictures of you!? :(

chelse said...

that's weird because on 2 computers here it shows me.... i'll do some checking

Dane & McCall said...

You look sooo cute!! I'm excited for your fashion blog...I love seeing different styles...especially for less!

Tyann and Aaron Boutilier said...

Ooh, I love it. I can't believe you came up with that skirt for only $1! Good job!

Jules said...

Sex. Ay.

Rae said...

You are the cutest.