This time I'm really back.... I hope

Oh goodness I've been so BUSY!
I know forever ago I said I was back, but no I actually just got more busy.
Since my last hello we have packed up our life and moved a state over. Here in Ogden Utah. I am 3 weeks into my new job where I am teaching high schoolers graphic design + photography. I love it + hate it all at the same time! I think I'm just really really tiard. (that's the whole hating part) I slide my butt outta bed at 5 am and help out with the dance team before school. Then I teach teach teach until I come home to my sugar pie who lets me cry and nap and then he makes me smile and I feel all better..... until the next day.

I am honestly super surprised at how little time I feel like I have. I think it's just getting a new routine and settled into a new place + house + job. I'm feeling like I have a little bit more time as I get better at preparing lesson plans and figuring this new life out. Hopefully I really will be back for good this time!

So this is a little month late show of part of our adventures in Newport Beach CA. I'm missing this sunny life quite a bit these days.

our yearly trip to Ruby's on the Hunnington Pier

we walked clear clear out to the end of the pier at the Wedge




Rae said...

You are so adorable and your photos are great! Sorry you're feeling so pulled thin. That is really tough.
I had a nice chat with Ry while you were napping last week. :)
Miss you. Hope to catch up soon. I've been busy too, and a terrible friend because every time I walk by Zara late at night when it's closed it's like a reminder that I suck at friendship and never freaking get my a in there when it's open. I seriously feel like the biggest jerk. :(

chelse said...

no worries about Zara! I bet they don't even have good sales anyways! So seriously no worries. And I just was reminded that I never called you back! So I don't have anyones numbers anymore. Text me you number and I can call you!