Part 2 of our last Rexburg adventures consisted of a long bike ride + yummy huckleberries.
There is nothing better than riding off into the sunset holding onto your man on a bike,
and that is why we went berry picking on our last day.

R and I have made it quite a tradition to go huckleberry picking. When we were dating the first year R took me for the first time. I was so completely thrilled since it had literally been one of my life dreams to pick huckleberries. Weird but true. Simple mind simple pleasures right. R shared his families secret spot with me [not like I would have EVER been about to find it again without him there] and we picked to our hearts content.

Now I cannot imagine not going every year. We almost didn't get to this year because of the move. Luckily the berries ripened just in time! Now we have berries stashed away for huckleberry pie and jam and pancakes and muffins and lot lot more all year long.
Idaho, you deserve a high five


Jacqueline said...

haha thats how b and me got grace. we went lookin for huckleberries and came home with her instead. :]

Rae said...

So jealous of your hair, it looks great!
Miss you.

Jules said...

JEALOUS of your huckleberries.

Sean and Becky said...

Oh no! Not huckleberries!! Hahaha. I hope you guys made it out of there with no flat tires, and within 4 hours...jk. :) Miss and love you!