Sayonara Rexburg

one of our last days in the Burg

baby bump hump

don't worry. Stupid Carino's keeping me from partying with everyone. Lame

The past weeks I've been missing a little bit of my heart in Rexburg.
Wow I can't even believe I'm saying that!
I've been so anti Rexburg for a while. This isn't because I don't like Rexburg.
I was just ready for something new with a normal job.
Now I have that job and we have no friends.

R and I moved away from both our families.
We moved away from friends who have become our family.
Now we have each other.
I do love coming home to R each day. Watching NetFlix. Eating Moose Tracks ice cream and taking 3 hour naps. Who would love chilling with the best friend right.
But I just can't help miss all my others in Rexburg.

I didn't realize how lucky I was to have such great friends.
We always got together. No one ever fought or was lame.
Being in a college town makes it so much easier to meet people in your same walk of life.
Since we've moved I've met 3 girls around my age.
I hang out with one. At school. During lunch. Wow it's crazy.
Yes I actually really love Kimmie and am blessed to have met her.
(the one thing that keeps me sane at school)
But geezeis I miss everyone else!

I guess what I realized and what I need to not forget it.......
It doesn't matter where you live as long as your with the ones you love.


Rae said...

Leaving friends does totally sucky. This post made me a little teary. It sucks man.
I distinctly remember some time after you got married you saying you had no friends in Rexburg and everyone was so young. Look at all the friends you made!
It definitely is very different and not as easy to make good friends when you're not in a college town anymore, but it'll happen. It took me a while in New York and I've probably told you a bajillion times, but after a while here when I hadn't made BEST friends, I prayed for them. And I got them. :) You will too love.
Freaking miss your guts.

Rae said...

Totally does sucky? Haha. I meant suck.

Jules said...

Oh Chels, I know just how you feel. We miss the gang SO MUCH. We haven't really met anyone here either (no one like our gang, anyway . . .) and with me being so big and pregnant we don't really go out and do much. And Seve's so exhausted after teaching everyday, just like you mentioned earlier. Blah. I miss Rexburg.

Brissa said...

that baby bump hump is the best picture i've seen on the interweb all week!!
leaving friends sucks. buuut at least you have those memories and stories forever. and it sounds like no matter where life takes you, you kids will still be close no matter what.

McKenzie said...

i miss u so much it hurts sometimes!

Rachael and Dan said...

i hear ya sista. i honestly don't think we'll find such an awesome group of friends- i think that everyday. we have something special. love you chelse!